Milestone Makers Graduation: Celebrating Radical Achievements

After 12 weeks, we are celebrating 100% graduation of our inaugural Milestone Makers class

In July of last year, the Center embarked on an enthusiastic journey to re-imagine how we might recognize and support the diversity and richness of remarkable entrepreneurs. That was the beginning of what we share with you today in our Milestone Makers program, where success is measured by traction against one of our four pillars of accomplishments: People, Product, Presence and Profit.

Through an intense 12-week individual learning program, each Milestone Maker candidate received custom classes, mentors, a business coach, and talented student interns through our great partnership with Lehigh University, to help them each accomplish their ambitious goals, all complimentary thanks to our great sponsors. Out of a highly competitive talent pool of over 100 applicants, we selected 11 founders for this inaugural cohort.

Here are some key metrics:

  • We had founders represented from seed, early and mid stages of development.
  • Seven industries were represented with this cohort: agriculture, services, technology, consumer, retail, education and food.
  • In the last 3 months our Milestone Makers have received the support of: 53 mentors, and 11 coaches who have provided more than 315 hours of support. Internally this cohort shared more than 94 peer learning hours together.

At the end of the day, we believe in the importance and power of deploying resources to accelerate growth that’s personalized and tailored to the individuals represented here today. We celebrate alongside our Milestone Makers critical business goals that have been achieved in each of the four pillars and perhaps even more importantly, celebrate the talent, grit, determination and tenacity that are reflected in each of the founders stories.

Watch the graduation ceremony here:

To our mentors, coaches, teachers, and sponsors who have supported this program thank you for all you do for the Center.

And to all of you that share our belief that entrepreneurship is a lifelong journey, we look forward to welcoming you to the Center soon.


Nicola Corzine

Executive Director

Profit Milestone

Trevor Cobb, Bramble Outdoor,

Secure retail distribution partner

Lucian Tarnowski, BraveNew:

Achieve cash flow positive 2016 and set 2017 strategy

Ty Walrod, Bright Funds Inc.:

Build sales playbook

Umesh Tibrewal, BuzzBoard Inc:

Acquire 25 deals

La Donna Higgins, The Startup Admin:

Acquire 18 New Customers

Justin Oberman, Till:

Examine and Validate Revenue Channels


Jean-Philippe Emelie Marcos, SignifAI:

Build Launch Strategy

Ibrahima Wagne, Petel:

Enroll 10 Students in school in Mauritania


Mariana Frese, Hellotracks:

Launch HelloTracks on iOS

Ming Zhao, Proven:

Define Customer Persona

Matthew Lock, Raddish:

Launch Raddish

Join us in celebrating the success of these founders. Their hardwork and dedication coupled with extensive hours of one-on-one mentoring, coaching and peer learning have positively impacted their companies and the future of enterpreneurship.

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