Mike Cernovich Overshoots His Wildest Goals: Has Worldwide Impact

Mike Cernovich

It’s quite an experience to see your friends become wildly successful. I don’t just mean successful as in reaching goals and doing well. I mean WILDLY successful. Over shooting goals by leaps and bounds. Redefining limits. Changing the world.

Mike Cernovich has become WILDLY SUCCESSFUL. I’m not talking about money although I’m sure he’s doing fine financially. I’m talking about a kind of success that can not even be planned. It comes unexpectedly and either you can handle it or you can’t. Mike Cernovich can and has. He has demonstrated this. Because of this, the opportunities keep coming and he keeps wildly succeeding in his endeavors.

Other of my friends are becoming wildly successful, too. Some are living their dream lifestyles. Some are reaching their creative pinnacles. Hard goals to attain and certainly not guaranteed. But Cernovich’s success is a bit different. He is making a huge impact on a world-wide scale. He is impacting and changing the world we live in in concrete, measurable ways.

This week another friend, Goldmund, who is also wildly successful in different ways (for living a lifestyle that allows him pursue his creative interests), visited me. We were talking about some of our writer friends and how much has changed in a year, two years, three years, when Goldmund said to me “Mike Cernovich is currently one of the most important men in the world. What he is doing is having an impact on a global scale.”

I hadn’t thought of it like that until he mentioned it, but he is correct. And then today, Mike posted this article on Medium that confirms exactly what Goldmund said:

I still remember reading Cernovich’s book Gorilla Mindset on the plane to NYC to attend his seminar in 2016. It was at this seminar that I got to meet other writers, including Goldmund, who I’d known online and through their blogs but never in person.

In the seminar, Cernovich talked about some of his key points in the book. The importance of mindset, how posture and breathing can affect your thinking. In the months following the seminar, as I watched the events of the election unfold, ideas from his book came back to me. The way Trump would inhale deeply through his nose triggering leftist attacks that he was on coke was instead a clear sign to me that Trump was using some of the same breathing skills Mike Cernovich talked about in his book. Big bursts of oxygen to keep the mind sharp, especially during a stressful activity like public speaking where you need to stay sharp. Trump also has excellent posture, unlike Bernie Sanders who always hunched over a podium and Hillary Clinton who jutted her hips out or was constantly leaning on something.

If you think these things are small, you underestimate the importance of discipline and good habits. Imagine you are driving and you have bad habits (speeding, cutting corners, sliding through stop signs, not using a turn signal) and you only are aware of driving well when you see a cop. Then you have to increase your awareness to make sure you are doing everything right. It’s a conscious effort. But if you get in the habit of good driving, you won’t have to experience stress or anxiety when a cop appears. You can go on with your life.

It is the same with mindset. When you know your values and stick to them, you don’t have to freak out and justify or make excuses for the times you slack off or indulge. You are who you are. And when you have that mindset, you are unfuckwithable, like Mike.

But did Mike have political provocateur as his goal? Unlikely. He started out writing about dating, sex and health. I remember him tweeting early in the election that he didn’t even care about politics that much. He was focused on self-improvement, masculinity, and writing.

But as the political environment heated up, Cernovich saw that he had something unique to contribute. So he stepped up. His work with self-development, discipline, good habits as well as building an audience and improving his writing skills while having special insight into online information and social networking, prepared Mike for an opportunity he wasn’t even looking for but was uniquely suited for.

As he saw the media narratives play out and saw how Trump handled the media and himself, it seems Cernovich realized that he could not only be an interpreter of Trump’s world but also a contributor to it. He could affect it. And he was ready.

What is the moral of this story? Long term goals are silly. If you focus too hard on a long term goal, you might miss opportunities to do something better. And you definitely will be selling yourself short.

Instead, do what you love. Focus on self development, mindset, internalizing good habits. And, of course, read Gorilla Mindset. This combination will prepare you for things that are bigger than any goal you will set for yourself and with these tools you will be ready for them.

Kitten Holiday and Mike Cernovich in New York City 2016

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