August Link Round Up

This month the eclipse prompted a huge spike in internet searches for variations of ‘the sun made my eyes hurty?’ but we know you’ll have been far too smart to indulge in such wanton solar viewing and will therefore be able to wrap your eyes around this month’s round up with ease.

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash


It’s the end of an era for Xbox, as Microsoft draws sales of the original XBox One to a close.

However, it’s also a time of new beginnings, with Tech Radar providing a very comprehensive list of all the latest announcements from Gamescom, and Game Spot suggesting that Target may have accidentally leaked Bethesda’s super secret Game of Thrones project.

Exciting times are afoot in the museum sector too, with the Smithsonian catching on to the cultural value of games and the Anne Frank House launching a chatbot earlier this year to help visitors with bookings and queries.


Iain Steadman explores the idea that modern technology has made cyborgs of us all, while Julia Hitz explores the evolution of videogame storytelling.


For those just itching to make something but in need of a little inspiration, the Vin Da Age of Vintage game jam is running throughout September. Using a very broad definition of game that includes board games, card games and text adventures, there’s sure to be an eclectic mix of games being made. Full details will launch at the beginning of the September, but judging by their game jam poster and intial notes, their definition of ‘vintage’ looks to be broad as well, so your imagination can really run riot.


The V&A’s videogame design conference, Parallel Worlds, returns for a second year on September 30th. Keynotes include the V&A’s very own Marie Foulston and Kristian Volsing, alongside a varied mix of designers, creators and curators.

Here at the NVA, the Beautiful Exhibition, dedicated to the past, present and future of Football Manager will launch in September. It tells the story of this fascinating sim by using, explaining and visualising the colossal amount of data the program is constantly dealing with.

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