Continue 2017 Schedule Out Now!

We still need to dot a few ‘i’s and cross a few ‘t’s, but the Continue schedule is really close to being complete and we’re so excited to share it with you. As always, Continue is a place where videogame creators and enthusiasts come together with those working in the heritage and cultural sector to discuss how we can preserve, promote and educate with videogames in unique and exciting ways. It’s a forum to share challenges and develop solutions around subjects ranging from basic videogame literacy to the most innovative new projects. There are lots of treats in store, including talks from friends of Continue Holly Gramazio and Leila Johnston, panels on subjects such as creative residencies and effective collaborations and opportunities to get hands on with the NVA’s collection of games, including some VR titles.

You’ll notice that as well as independent designers and creatives like Holly and Leila, there are lots of different organisations represented too, including UKIE, the Wellcome Trust and the British Library. It’s this range of voices that convinced the British Games Institute’s Rick Gibson to participate — as well as giving a talk, he’ll be running a consultation session to find out which resources and opportunities are most important to those working with videogames in both arts and industry settings.

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