Watch Another Piece of the Los Angeles Dream Get Torn to Pieces Live via Webcam

Of all the stadiums in Los Angeles, the LA Sports Arena was the most Los Angelesy.

It wasn’t the most luxurious, but hyper-luxury wasn’t what LA was about when LA and Hollywood were great. LA was the midwest done better, in much cooler, neater, more optimistic lines.

The Sports Arena was built by Welton Beckett, the architect who designed everything great in the post-noir era (the Capitol Records building, Cinerama Dome and the Santa Monica Civic to name a few). It was LA at its most jet-setting, Come Fly With Me, Rat Packy fun. And it was also just a little basketball stadium where the small town LA still was could pack in shoulder to shoulder.

But Modern LA’s version of cool means the elite need to be cordoned off in their private spaces — skyboxes, desert art festivals, Gulfstream jets, what have you — to pursue their bliss. It’s the New York model of cool that has been grafted onto Los Angeles in the past couple decades.

So the Sports Arena must go, in favor of skybox heavy sports facilities where the disintegration of LA can be enshrined.

Here was the Arena in its prime:

And here it is today:

The hipsterpocalypse slogs on.

Some more facts about the LA Memorial Sports Arena:

  • Richard Nixon dedicated its opening in 1959
  • John F Kennedy accepted his party’s nomination for President here in at the Democratic National Convention in 1960.
  • Pink Floyd kicked off The Wall tour here in 1980.
  • The final bouts of Rocky and Rocky 2 were filmed here.

And now you can watch it be torn down in real time! Click here to check out the demolition on the site of the future Banc of California stadium.

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