The Colours of Food Security

Zia Mehrabi
the nature of food
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3 min readOct 31, 2018


The food system is failing. And we are on a mission to fix it.

Feel like joining us?

Taking part might mean changing the way you see the world. Solving big problems needs people. But it also needs a common vision. A vision that encompasses our diversity of viewpoints and experiences.

That’s why we created The Colours of Food Security. It shows us that to solve the food system problem we need to view the food system from all its angles, and all its colours.

And we think getting the vision right will take us at least 50% of the way to where we want to be.

A Cultivated Planet

The Colours of Food Security is an exhibit that tells a story. In this story, food security is about land use. But it’s not just a production issue. It’s a poverty issue and it’s about farmer livelihoods. But it’s not just about human survival. It’s about the survival of other species too.

It tells us how the stability of the food system depends on the stability of our climate. And how our ability to nourish ourselves from food needs to be accompanied by clean water to drink and clean air to breathe.

It says that to solve food security we need to deal with social and environmental security. We need a full view of the food system. We need a complete palette.

Number of Farmers in the World

Lots of people talk about food security. Some say that to make enough food for everyone we all need to change what we eat. Others say we just need to stop wasting food. Still more say that we need to embody the right to food in our law and constitutions.

These are all great ideas — ones we can all support. But we can’t stop there. We need make the change we want to see. We all need to pick up our brushes and paint the food system we would like to see tomorrow.

The Colours of Food Security

Excited to take part? The Colours of Food Security is an open source art exhibit which means we provide all the maps and accompanying digital materials you need to host your own physical event, for free. If you don’t have a space to host an event, then no worries — you can also share the complete story on social media from the website, and through the #ColoursFoodSecurity hashtag, or check out our listings to find up and coming events happening near you.