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The Naughty Nook

When He Found the Right Video on PornHub

My secret fetish exposed, ejaculated, and explained.

Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

It was one of our usual encounters — he had chained me to the wall (ah, the benefits of being a chain slut with a good handyman for a Dom), forced my legs apart, got me dripping wet, and started to play with my pussy while he made me watch a video of his choosing on PornHub.




We are LGBTQ+ friendly, BDSM friendly, and enjoy varieties of sexually-focused works like poetry, erotica, real-life stories, educational pieces, and anything else your creative brain can conjure.

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Dani Banani

Dani Banani

I write erotica, fantasy fiction, love stories, poetry, and whatever else I feel like writing. Sex is my favorite subject and love is my greatest passion.