The Nawo project: Added wards and fixed selfie upload

Just some small backend updates.

First, I finally got what I think is an updated list of wards across the country according to INEC. There should be over 9000 of them but the list I got is just over 8500. Compiling this took a bit longer than expected, but it is on the site now. If you start the verification procedure you will be able to select your state, then LGA, and them see what wards are in your LGA.

By next week I will add the option to use your location to figure out which ward is closest to you. And an option to change your ward without having to go through the whole verification process again. Which has me thinking; should there be restrictions on how many times you can change your ward? You don’t want predatory voters.

Secondly, I fixed the selfie upload problem. You should now be able to take a selfie with your camera and use it as your photo, or upload an already existing photo. I am still thinking about how to verify members but one way to do it would be to have the member upload a selfie, then have another member from the same ward take a picture of the person and compare both images. That way you would ensure that the person is real.

More updates in the coming weeks.

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