5 Reasons why you need a Learning Management System

Many startups and SMEs (Small-to-medium Enterprises) tend to be reluctant about investing in a Learning Management System (LMS). Mainly because they can’t see where their company will be in a few months time — in terms of size, number of locations, different teams, etc. Most importantly they can’t visualize clearly the benefits of using an LMS at their company in the medium-long term.

An LMS helps you train your employees, keep them updated with legislation and process compliances, increase retention, reduce onboarding time and much more at a very reasonable cost and a great ROI.

But how do these benefits stack up for startups investing in and deploying their first LMS. We interviewed Vijay, a new age HR manager of a services startup who is also our client. We gathered feedback on his experience with integrating LearnBee in his startup.

I am pleasantly surprised that LearnBee was able to add value in terms of on-boarding and compliance changes. It also proved to be a nifty tool in determining an employee’s performance and engagement levels. — Vijay

We have listed down how Vijay’s organization benefited from deploying LearnBee.

Reduced Onboarding Time

Still in a growing stage, the company is hiring new employees on a frequent basis — most of them fresh hires. LearnBee proved to be indispensable for on-boarding these fresh hires and getting them up to speed with the company’s policies. Vijay and his team previously used to dish out individual emails to employees with links to courses on youtube or invites to classroom training sessions. They also sent PDF content and printed booklets to their employees for pre-joining learning. Once LearnBee was integrated, they were able to assign courses to groups of new joinees with a single click. Upskilling and on-boarding became a breeze.

Detailed Performance Tracking Reports

Tests and assessments play a vital role in assessing an employee’s performance level along with his/her understanding of a subject. Earlier, Vijay had no means of tracking progress being made by an employee in a particular course. Tests and assessments were conducted via Google forms. LearnBee proved to be a comprehensive solution as it enabled easy online assessments and tracking. It also gave him access to in-depth performance metrics for each and every employee, based on course progress. He was able to filter out employees who were lagging behind and push out reminder emails to them.

Updated Process Compliances

Most companies have process compliances which are bound to change as the company grows. These changes need to be communicated regularly to the people whom they impact. Initially, Vijay kept the teams updated via emails containing new process compliances. The frequency of the changes posed problems as it resulted in an inadequacy and incongruence of information. Centralizing the process compliances using LearnBee ensured that every change was instantly visible all relevant parties, even to fresh hires.

Efficient Pre-joining Learning

Vijay was very satisfied with using LearnBee for pre-joining learning programs. Every fresh hire had to necessarily complete standard courses such as “How to fill out a reimbursement form”, “Attendance, leave tracking and rostering process” along with specific technical courses. Strategically placed tests allowed him to measure the potential of an employee even before he/she joined.

Cross Functional Reports

A growing organization is bound to have multiple teams performing multiple tasks and having different workflows. Performance reports and training content is bound to differ from team to team, which is why a cross-functional, unified learning solution can not be deployed without an LMS. Vijay leveraged LearnBee to deliver customized reports to all team leads. He incorporated LearnBee across multi-dimensional teams without having to worry about compatibility issues.

Vijay is one of many HR professionals who decided to just try out an LMS only to realize and appreciate its full potential and versatility. If you or your startup has similar needs, check us out here.