Building an apparel business in 2017

Today we begin the story of how we figure out the apparel industry. We’re just starting. We don’t know shit. We just want to put our product out in the world.

I am Julian and together with my friend, ex-classmate and co-founder Marin, we are going to be documenting the journey of building an apparel business in 2017. Our brand is DULO and we make dress shirts with added value. Preserving the sharp look of a traditional shirt, we are able to deliver a product that requires no ironing, dries fast and stays wrinkle-free throughout the day. We set out to make a shirt that removes the hassle out of caring for it. More hustle, less hassle.

We believe we are in the business of time and confidence. Тime is our most precious resource and it should be spent on the things that matter to us. Taking care of our clothes should not be part of our to-do lists, that’s why we make our shirts from fabrics that require as little maintenance as possible. Clothes should be a convenience not an inconvenience. We also believe that what you wear has impact on how you and others feel about you. Wearing a smart, stylish shirt is one way to increase your confidence. Our shirts give you a look that projects such confidence but the added value of staying cool and dry, without the sweat stains or wrinkles, provide a level of comfort that is impossible to find in a traditional shirt. Comfort boosts confidence. In our shirts you will feel as if you are wearing a second skin just as performant as your own. We’re all capable of achieving great things — whether it is building a business, travelling the world, competing at the highest levels in sports or simply living an active and fulfilling life. To do these we need tools that minimise inefficiencies. And why not look damn good while doing it?

DULO Wear is incorporated in Bulgaria and it is there where the shirts are produced. We chose Bulgaria as our centre of operations for two main reasons. First, we felt the need to go back to our roots, to the place that made us who we are today and gave us so much. We believe in respecting one’s origins and using them as a source of inspiration and drive. Second, Bulgaria has great traditions in clothing manufacturing, dating more than 50 years back and to this day the country is one of the preferred partners when it comes to production for some of the biggest apparel brands in the world, including Nike, Zara and many more. There is a lot of skill and industry knowledge spread throughout the country. As a result the quality of the work is excellent and can go head to head with the best manufacturing centers around the world. We are proud of our roots and we are proud that our products carry the “Made in Bulgaria” label — a sign of tradition and quality.

We believe that a business should have a positive net impact — on the people working at DULO, our families, customers and the planet — it is our responsibility to create value and leave a better world. We promise you we will give it our best to achieve that. We aspire to build a legacy that we are proud of. We want to be judged on our actions both as a company and individuals. Actions speak louder than words. Throughout this journey which we will document and share with you, we must lead by example and show that a business can play nice and do good. If you decide to join us on this journey and along the way you see that we are not delivering on our promise, please do let us know and hold us accountable.

We are driven by long-term thinking and building lasting relationships with our customers, communities and partners. We pay great attention to building trust and listening. We are well aware that we are new to this industry and have a lot to learn. It is going to be a long game. If we are to win we have to go slow, take our time, listen and improve. We are not in a rush to start selling. We are going to take all the time we deem necessary to make a great product, build a close relationship with our customers and hopefully, lay the foundations for a great business.

So from now on expect to hear from us regularly as we begin to document the journey of building our company. Through blogs, video, audio, photos and more, we’ll be sharing our story — the ups and downs, the exciting and the boring bits, milestones and regular day-to-day operations. We want to show you a raw, unedited inside look of the process of building an apparel business through the most effective communication tools available. We would really appreciate it if you choose to tag along and together, learn, have fun and make something remarkable.

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