Evolving the Name and Logo

While writing the Origins #5 post about branding, we went through the archive of ideas and drafts for a name and logo. It turned out there were so many variations that we thought they deserve a separate post.

First, there was ‘Qool’ — a name that I came up almost at the moment the idea for the product was born. I considered this as a name that fits the properties of the product — it keeps you looking fresh and cool! Of course, it had to be spelled with a ‘Q’ just like the qool kids on the block ;)

The very first idea for a name and a logo

In the early days we didn’t really focus on coming up with a name. Whenever there was time we would bounce some ideas off of each other. One of those that we felt was worth exploring further at the time was ‘`FORTT’. The name comes from the word ‘comfort’. It came to me after a full day of traveling where I was dreaming of wearing a comfortable shirt that has stretch and wicks moisture. I also thought of a tagline to go along with the name — ‘Comfort in Style’.

‘FORTT with an apostrophe

Another name that we considered for a brief moment was ‘HardWired’. I confess I thought of it after listening to Metallica’s song (of the same name) on repeat for about 2 months :D I am quite proud of the logo though.

Inspired by Metallica and their latest album
HackWork — Just the H and the W, no logotype

I really liked the draft I made for HardWired, but the name didn’t stick. So I tried repurposing the logo for the name ‘HackWork’. According to the Meriam-Webster dictionary ‘hackwork’ is the literary, artistic, or professional work done on order usually according to formula and in conformity with commercial standards. Sounded fitting. But also wasn’t going to be our name of choice.

While brainstorming about the brand, another name came up — ‘UPFRONT’. As an adverb the word means ‘at the front, in front’ and as an adjective, ‘bold, honest, and frank’. These definitely felt like the qualities and values we want our brand to have. But the name still didn’t resonate much.

Still love this one, going to use it for something in the future

In my archive I see one more draft — ‘AVE’, but to be honest I don’t remember much about why I was exploring it as an option :D I am pretty sure I was looking at Latin words with deep meaning and also because they often sound really well.

Can’t remember the reason for this choice :D

Below is a list of several other names we discussed (again, with inspiration from Latin):

- Alegro wearalegro.com

- Ordo — order

- Paratus — prepared

- Curago — take charge

- Young & Wise

- Activewear

- Activ

- Eager

- Refactor -inspired from our programming experience, but too niche.

This is a brief look at the options we went through before DULO became the chosen one. When we were thinking about names we looked for something that encompasses the values we want to have in the brand as well as the product qualities. It was also important to be short and look good on a future storefront. None of the above checked all those categories, except DULO.


While working on different name and logo variations we were also considering to have a tagline/slogan accompanying the name. Here are some of the things we had in mind.

Below, we attached a few of the logo + slogan iterations as well.

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