How we think about content distribution

The tactics we use to execute our communication strategy

Documenting the journey of building an apparel business has been a great choice of a communication strategy. It provides an abundance of content, so that we don’t have to worry about what to post next or try really hard to come up with subpar ideas, just for the sake of content creation. Basically, we just have to capture our actions while we are executing on the vision of DULO.

A few days after launching the brand we faced an interesting challenge because of this approach. We have been documenting almost from the inception of the idea which is about 5 months from the time of writing this post. This results in over 20 blog posts, lots of video and photos from the period prior to launching. We had to be very careful when we started that we don’t overwhelm people with the amount of information we share. We are eager to share as much as possible, as often as possible but we are mindful of the fact that too much is not necessarily always a good thing, quality and creative being the variable.

To make sure we add some structure to how we communicate with our community we discussed various plans about how to deal with the content distribution. What follows is a description of the approach we are committed to for the foreseeable future.

The tactics behind the strategy

Facebook — Content hub

Facebook is our content hub. Everything we post lives on the platform. The main reason for choosing it as the central hub for our content is the share of attention Facebook has compared to all the other platforms, which our target groups use. In addition, the platform provides great tools for managing video (it is by far our best performing content when comparing engagement) and on top of that Facebook provides a lot of analytics that are easy to access from any device. Another reason is the advanced advertising features that Facebook offers its business users with. Our plan is to start running ads on the platform by targeting people and placements on both Facebook and Instagram.

Quick side note. Initially we tried to post blog articles on Facebook as status updates and image posts, but so far it shows that link posts work better for this type of content. That is why Medium is now the only place for our blogs which we reshare on Facebook.


Instagram is part an extension to our content hub on Facebook and part a standalone channel focused on increasing reach and awareness. We are using posts in the feed and stories to drive traffic to the latest content on Facebook. Stories are also perfect for sharing a behind the scenes look at what we are doing at DULO. We are using hashtags to enhance each post’s performance, significantly increasing the reach and awareness of the brand. Instagram allows for direct communication with individual accounts through DMs and we will soon start to explore potential collaborations with influencers and brands similar to ours. Using the ad units on the platform is also going to be part of our strategy.


We are using YouTube and Medium as libraries for our video and written content respectively. If someone wants to have the complete picture of what we’ve been doing, they can go to either of these channels and access all the content spread across all our platforms.

The rest?

What about Twitter, Snapchat, our website I hear you ask? We haven’t overlooked those :) However, the attention share on these platforms is significantly smaller compared to the Facebook ecosystem, or YouTube, or Medium. That is why currently we are not spending as much effort on those as we are on the others. The website will become the cornerstone of our activities once we have the product ready. In the meantime, we still do daily updates and use these other platforms as a means to reach a broader audience with our content. We follow-up on every interaction as well — no one is left unheard!

All in all, our strategy can be summarized as ‘everything goes everywhere’ so that we don’t limit ourselves at this point and keep an open mind as what would appear to be the best channel for us. I am sure that in time, as our brand evolves, we will become better at this content game and if the market shifts we will adjust accordingly. At this point though, we decided to structure things in this way — with a heavy focus on Facebook and Instagram, leveraging the platform’s strengths, and using all other channels as either extensions or libraries for the content.

You can follow the journey on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Snapchat. We encourage any questions, advice, or just say Hi (rhymes) Thank you!

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