Origins #15 — Soft Launch Feedback

Initial reactions

At the time of writing this post, the content we are sharing is mainly reaching our close circle of friends and family, but the support and interest has been higher than expected and much appreciated. A very good initial sign that gives us the energy to continue on this journey. The impatience for ONLY WAITING for samples is gone as well, we are busier than ever, which takes our mind of delays and redirects it into content creation and setting up the foundations of our company.

The current processes give us an interesting feeling of building both an apparel business, as well as a media company. It is an intentional mindset that we wanted to make a shift into and keep it up for the future, we strongly believe it will be beneficial in the long run.

Touching on our favourite topic of speed, we are removing any pressure that can be a blocker, in the form of expectations. The only things that we have to make sure that our content does, is document the events accurately, honestly, in an authentic way and hopefully provide interesting insights into our execution.

As I mentioned previously, at this point most of our following is friends and family and when talking to them, we are starting to see trends and data points which we could use to support our future decisions.

Here is a summarised short list, in no particular order:

  • Too much content (some people can’t keep up)
  • Tips on video production (stabilisation and sound while on the move)
  • Blogs are OK but getting less attention (than video)
  • Images are steady performers -> safe
  • Thinking about ways to cut down on content volume and increase quality (fine balance between the one, will be a focus point and something that we keep evolving and discussing)
  • Focus on video and how to storytell in an interesting way
  • We should loosen up in the videos and talk slower (vanity and inexperience coming into play, but we have a strong focus on working on both of them)

As we said in our VLOG 008, WE ARE LISTENING. We welcome and encourage any feedback (especially negative), listening to it, thinking about it, taking on board what we think is valuable and moving forward, improving as we go.

This will be our strategy going forward, we want to stay at Day 1 forever and do so, in a way that is authentic and true to who we are. We will be eagerly waiting for feedback and a close dialog with the community we hope to build.

You can follow the journey on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter andSnapchat. We encourage any questions, advice, or just say Hi (rhymes) :)

Thank you!

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