Origins #17 — Initial Product Feedback

Things to keep and things to improve

We covered some of the initial feedback we got from the first group of testers in this VLOG, the main focus there was to outline the things that could be improved and that will be taken into consideration for the next batch of prototypes.

The initial idea of that VLOG was to capture all the feedback we received, but we had a wonderful problem, all of it was so positive that it would’ve seemed kind of staged to just lay it on you.

The most important and vital piece of the product is getting the fabric right. At this point, I can safely say, after wearing, washing and sweating in the first iteration of the DULO shirt, it surpassed my expectations.

Interesting side effect that we did not expect is that the look of the shirt improves as you wear it. While wearing it, it seems that the body heat that is coming from the wearer, softens the fabric on a micro level and the threads seems to straighten.

Left: Straight out of the washing machine. Right: After a day of wearing (included sweating in public transport) Bottom wrinkly part is the part that you tuck in.

The fit is also much better than other shirts we tested.

Overall, we are very happy and pumped about the quality of the product at its first iteration and are only looking at improving it even more and have it at a very high quality, when it comes to going to market with it.

Please find below summarised all the pros and cons we have detected so far:


  • No sign of sweat stains, no matter how sweaty you are underneath.
  • The fabric feels softer than cotton on the skin. Everyone so far has been pleasantly surprised.
  • It’s a bit heavier than a cotton shirt, which gives it a sturdy feel.
  • The heaviness also make the disappearance of wrinkles even faster, as it’s weighing them down and “ironing them”.
  • The stretchy aspect of it is wonderful, once tucked in it doesn’t come out and it moves with you.
  • The thickness of the material also makes it less see through, substantially. Ladies seem to like it, as you can wear a bra underneath and it will not be visible. Hairy guys are also happy with that property ;)

CONS: (more informational visuals on this in the VLOG)

  • We need to fix the Collar stays and make them removable, instead of ones that are sawn in the collar.
  • Use a different technology with the button thread.
  • Use different “matte” , higher-quality (these were the buttons that were available at the time of the sample production) buttons, instead of the shiny ones from the first iteration.
  • Reduce the diameter of the sleeves a bit.
  • Increase the diameter of the cuff a bit (is a bit tight when wearing a watch for example).
  • Reduce the fabric around the cuff, so we can avoid having a “baggy” look.
  • Some people said the white is too white, mainly due to the way that synthetic fabric reflects the light. We might look into making it a bit of an “off-white” to compensate, or leave it glowing in the dark ;)

We have noted the things that need to be improved and we’ll communicate that with our manufacturers, so we can have an even better product in the second prototype version. Keep you posted!

If you have any knowledge of the apparel/fashion industry, or experience, please get in touch with us! We’d love to talk, share and learn!

You can follow the journey on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Snapchat. We encourage any questions, advice, or just say Hi (rhymes) :)

Thank you!

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