Origins #21 — VLOG filming kit + new original segment

Merchandise and a show

The last weekly review triggered some interesting feedback. The point made was that, it’s not the best thing, while building our own brand, to wear clothes that clearly show branding from other companies. Fair enough, good feedback, so we adjusted immediately and addressed the issue. We decided to order some custom merchandise that we can wear during the VLOGs, with our own branding.

We ordered four shirts and a hat online from a company that lets you add your own branding and we made various designs, adding both the logo mark (||), as well as the logotype (DULO).

DULO VLOG Filming Kit V1.0

Ideally we would be wearing our DULO performance dress shirts as well, but sometimes a plain white shirt is a bit formal.

Another important milestone that coincided at the same time, was the idea to create our first piece of original content.

Currently all our content has been documenting our process of building the business. We thought that by adding original segments, it would enable us to venture a little bit out of our usual content flow and open up a number of opportunities.

The idea for the segment is to either have a guest on, post an audience submitted video, that we think might be interesting, useful and worth sharing, or answer in-depth a question submitted by our audience.

By talking to guests, it would enable us to build our network, as well as relationships in a very natural and mutually beneficial way. The footage that will be recorded will basically be conversation about business that both sides can use after fort their own brand and therefore both sides would get the benefits of cross promotion.

On paper it appears to be a sound idea, so we were off looking for our first guests ;)

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Thank you!

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