Perfectly imperfect means that things can always be better, that you’ll make small mistakes, and you’ll do 90% great work. It also means that you can be fast — listen, learn and adapt.

Since we started, we constantly had to battle with the desire to polish every detail of what we did — product and content-wise. While this is an admirable quality, it quickly turns into a blocker. As a small organisation (only two people working with an external supplier) we decided that speed is more important in the early days when we can afford to iterate and change direction fast. What is considered ‘good’ is very subjective. What I like is different from what you like because our perception of the world is comprised of different experiences and circumstances.

Therefore, instead of overthinking and delaying work we decided to operate in the interest of speed — make things quickly, a lot of them, and consistently ship them out in the world. Instead of pondering on the specifics, the last 10% of a deliverable, we should get those 90% out in the world ASAP. Then it would be you who decide if what we presented is good or not. In this way we don’t limit ourselves to doing only what we are good at. Instead, we explore opportunities that are interesting yet we have zero or very little experience with. This can lead to a lot of imperfections which is perfectly OK.

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Thank you!