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Loki’s Third Episode Sets Up the Series’ Biggest Mystery

Marvel’s Loki episode three is an apocalyptic, highly-intense, character-building episode that sets up the series’ largest mystery.

The third episode of Marvel’s thrust our version of Loki and the Variant he was hunting — Lady Loki, preferably known as Sylvie — into an apocalyptic scenario from which there appeared to be no escape. The episode also confirmed Loki is bisexual in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and raised a plethora of TVA-related questions that will keep audiences guessing about the true nature and intentions of the Time-Keepers for a long while.

There was a lot going on in the series’ most -style episode so far, which dropped the crime drama vibe for a more post-apocalyptic adventure-style episode. The show somewhat succeeded in making the change, deciding to focus on two characters devising a -esque escape from a doomed planet. Fortunately, Tom Hiddleston proves he can act with anyone, as he and Sophia di Martino have incredibly chemistry, and it’s amazing to watch their two characters banter while stranded together and come up with a plan to escape certain death.

Sylvie’s master plan, which involved destroying the sacred timeline and locating the Time-Keepers’ location while the TVA scrambled to put out temporal fires, went askew thanks to our version of Loki, but he may have ended up regretting his decision. However, I personally was happy Loki did what he did because watching Loki and Sylvie argue and play tricks on each other made for a hilarious episode.

The two characters came to blows on Lamentis-1 as they boasted their magical talents in some hilariously ineffective ways. However, because we’re talking about Loki, this ultimately became getting drunk and making a spectacle of himself while attempting to charm Sylvie into opening up to him about herself and her nature.

There was a certain energy and aesthetic to this episode that kept me engaged and excited for what’s to come, and hoping that Sylvie and Loki could become genuine friends as two reckless, determined Variants who are incredibly independent individuals yet in-need of some companionship.

Whether or not this story will find Loki and Sylvie fostering a friendship if they ever get off Lamentis-1 is still to be determined. However, right now, that friendship is just beginning to be created, but it’s certainly ironic to watch Loki pleading for a trustworthy agreement with practically himself. Loki is notoriously known to double cross but he certainly doesn’t enjoy being backstabbed by someone else, and by chasing after Sylvie he’s also broken his trust with Mobius at the same time.

Speaking of Mobius, he was not present in this episode, but when the big reveal came he was certainly on my mind after Loki discovered that the TVA are comprised of memory-wiped Variants snatched from the timeline and put into service at the universe’s biggest bureaucracy. Who was Mobius before the TVA grabbed him? Fans want to know, and hopefully by the time the series ends, they will.

I have to mention the incredible and spectacular action sequence that this episode has to offer. This episode is easily the most action-packed, however it’s action that certainly doesn’t have consequences, unfortunately. We’re only halfway through the series; there’s no way Loki won’t find a way off Lamentis. Even at the end of the episode, when everything seems to be doomed, I know that Loki will most likely make it out okay.

The end of the episode does create a sense of hopelessness that audiences haven’t really seen in the MCU since the last few moments of , however, and I’m somewhat happy that the episode ended where it did.



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