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Mandalorian Monday: “Chapter Fourteen — The Tragedy”

Boba Fett is back. And he’s more badass than ever. Here is my review of the latest action-packed episode of The Mandalorian.

Editor’s Note: This blog contains spoilers from the twelfth episode of the Mandalorian.

The Mandalorian teased the return of the infamous bounty hunter Boba Fett at the beginning of the show’s second season, in the premiere episode titled The Marshal. However, throughout the season, there has been no Boba Fett sightings. Until now. Boba Fett is back.

After watching the episode on Friday morning, I was ecstatic. Boba Fett’s legendary return is easily the highlight of the episode, potentially the season thus far. The excitement begins at the start of the episode, with the appearance of the Slave I — Boba Fett’s iconic starship, as it descends on the planet Tython. Following the landing of the Slave I, the renowned bounty hunter appears as a clocked figure before the Mandalorian, while offering an explanation for his presence.

Boba Fett explains that he, along with Fennec Shand — the expert assassin who was seemingly killed in the first season, have been tracking the Razor Crest to acquire Boba’s armor. With that being said, it is revealed that Boba Fett was indeed the mysterious, unseen individual who saved Fennec. Overall, Boba Fett’s entrance scene is crafted marvelously, and is portrayed magnificently by Temeura Morrison. The dialogue is exceptional, and once again, Temeura Morrison embodies the stoic confidence of Boba Fett perfectly.

Furthermore, the action sequences between Boba Fett and the stormtroopers are incredibly thrilling. For Star Wars fans, these action-packed scenes involving Boba Fett are the type of sequences that popularized the Mandalorians in Star Wars lore to begin with. Certainly, watching the skillful bounty hunter use a Gaderffi stick (commonly used by Tusken Raiders) to brutally clobber stormtroopers is satisfying. However, there’s something incredibly special and rewarding seeing Boba Fett in his traditional, infamous armor, while using the plethora of gadgets and tools to eliminate the enemy, including the rocket missile to defeat the fleeing Empire starships.

As the episode progresses, and comes to a conclusion, the Empire strikes back. First and foremost, the Razor Crest is annihilated by a Star Destroyer. Secondly, a group of Dark Troopers, which were teased earlier in the season, abduct Baby Yoda. The Dark Troopers appearance and design is incredibly menacing, and their threatening presence is further highlighted through Ludwig Goransson’s expertly-crafted score. The Mandalorian has nothing. No Razor Crest. No Baby Yoda. Nothing…

The episode ends with the Mandalorian returning to Navarro. The Mandalorian is attempting to find Mayfeld, the loud-mouthed former Imperial sharpshooter who appeared in the first season. With the help of Boba Fett, Fennec Shand, and Bill Burr (yes, Bill fucking Burr), the Mandalorian is preparing to rescue Baby Yoda from the Empire and Moff Gideon who appear to be exploiting Baby Yoda’s Force abilities.

The stakes have been set. And with only two remaining episodes in The Mandalorian’s second season, the excitement couldn’t be higher.




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