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Mandalorian Monday: “Chapter Thirteen — The Jedi”

Dave Filoni’s love letter to Star Wars fans is an absolute masterpiece. Here is my review of The Mandalorian’s latest episode.

Editor’s Note: This blog contains spoilers from the twelfth episode of the Mandalorian.

The Mandalorian has been teasing the appearance of a Jedi for an incredibly long time. And in the latest episode of the acclaimed Disney Plus series, a fan favorite Star Wars character — and Jedi — makes her live-action debut. Ahsoka Tano.

Episode director Dave Filoni, who co-created Ahsoka for animated The Clone Wars series, establishes the live-action version of Ahsoka as a wise, skillful Jedi. Furthermore, Ahsoka’s personality and character are portrayed amazingly by Rosario Dawson, establishing continuity between the animated and live-action versions of the character. In fact, the episode begins with Ahsoka — and her iconic white lightsabers — completely thrashing soldiers working for Morgan Elsbeth, who has enslaved an innocent town on Corvus. While watching this action-packed scene, I was starstruck and overjoyed. Ahsoka is a fan-favorite character, and getting to watch the titular Jedi in live-action is very rewarding and memorable for Star Wars fans.

I’ve watched the episode six times. Six. Times. And it is my favorite episode of The Mandalorian. First and foremost, the action sequences are amazing and spectacular. The dialogue between Ahsoka and the Mandalorian is intriguing and interesting. And lastly, the episode promises greater, more powerful storylines with unexpected revelations.

Potentially, certain Star Wars fans will pay no attention to Ahsoka’s exposition about the Jedi Order and the Force. However, on the other hand, getting to hear Master Yoda’s name, explanations about the Force and the Jedi, and the hinting of Darth Vader is thrilling and exhilarating. As I mentioned previously in my review of The Siege, The Mandalorian does an excellent job at world-building. Once again, this fact is further highlighted through Ahsoka’s dialogue.

Furthermore, Ahsoka reveals very surprising information about Baby Yoda, including his name — Grogu (I prefer Baby Yoda). Grogu (Baby Yoda) was trained at the Jedi Temple prior to Order 66, according to Ahsoka. Afterwards, he was seized by an unknown character and concealed his connection to the Force to survive. With this information, a question arises. Who seized Baby Yoda from the Jedi Temple? The Mandalorian has raised a plethora of questions, which is super engaging for Star Wars fans.

Speaking of questions, will Baby Yoda’s strong attachment to the Mandalorian have an impact? According to Ahsoka, Baby Yoda’s emotions make him incompatible to learn the ways of the Jedi. The answer, once again, is unresolved.

Lastly, the episode concludes with another amazing action sequence. First, Dave Filoni deserves an abundance of credit. He crafts a marvelous action-packed finale through stunning visuals, superb sound effects, and great stunt choreography. Ahsoka, once again, is the highlight, and is involved in a majority of the exciting action scenes, including the Jedi easily deflecting a thunderstorm of blaster bolts. However, the most memorable scene in the final act is the combat between Ahsoka and Morgan, which is expertly choreographed. Ultimately, Ahsoka bests Morgan and reveals the episode’s most exciting name — Grand Admiral Thrawn, another fan favorite character. Grand Admiral Thrawn appeared in Rebels, where he disappeared with Ezra Bridger, a Jedi. While watching this scene, my jaw dropped. The Mandalorian could potentially answer another lingering question among Star Wars fans — what happened to Grand Admiral Thrawn and Ezra Bridger?

As I previously mentioned, The Mandalorian has introduced numerous intriguing questions and converging storylines. Where is Boba Fett? What is Moff Gideon plotting? Will the Mandalorian assist Bo-Katan and the other Mandalorians? Is Ahsoka attempting to find Thrawn and Ezra? The answer to these questions; only time will tell.



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