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Mandalorian Monday: “Chapter Twelve — The Siege”

Stormtroopers still can’t hit anything with their blasters. Baby Yoda gets an education. The Empire is experimenting with the Force. The Mandalorian’s latest episode had some great highlights. Here is my review of the action-packed episode.

Editor’s Note: This blog contains spoilers from the twelfth episode of the Mandalorian.

The Razor Crest is repaired. But, the infamous, once-destroyed starship is being tracked by the Empire, who are experimenting with The Force, cloning, and droids. The fourth installment of sophomore season creates an exciting, intriguing storyline for the future. But, the current content also has thrilling action sequences and laugh-out-loud humor.

This episode, titled The Siege, was another perfect addition to The Mandalorian’s second season. As I previously mentioned, the prominence and importance of the Empire continues to increase as the season progresses. What was in the cloning chamber? What is the Empire experimenting with? Why does Moff Gideon need Baby Yoda? Each and every question creates speculation, drives fan theories, and increases the general excitement towards the show.

First and foremost, one of the best aspects of the episode was the reintroduction of Nevarro, which has drastically changed since The Mandalorian eradicated the Empire from the planet. Now, Nevarro has a thriving marketplace brimming with citizens, a classroom with a protocol droid teaching children about the galaxy, and a former Rebel shock trooper acting as the marshal. Perfection.

The Mandalorian series has excelled at world-building, and this is further highlighted by the appearance of Nevarro, which creates a living, breathing, constantly changing universe in the saga. Simply put, the Mandalorian makes Star Wars feel real and genuine. Furthermore, Nevarro is littered with references and easter eggs, which is incredibly exciting for fans.

The previous episode, titled , had an amazing action sequence involving the Empire. Similarly, The Siege features an equally thrilling action sequence, once again, with stormtroopers and their terrible aim. The end of the episode features a thrilling high-speed chase with Scout Troopers on speeder bikes and TIE fighter pilots. In other words, it was an adrenaline-filled, exciting final scene.

However, with that being said, the most intriguing scene featuring the Empire involve certain discoveries about Moff Gideon’s true intentions and aspirations. It is revealed that the Imperial stronghold that the Mandalorian, Greef Karga, and Cara Dune invade is a laboratory. In this laboratory, test subjects (looking incredibly similar to Supreme Leader Snoke) are infused with Baby Yoda’s blood, which has a high midichlorian count — typically resulting in Force sensitive individuals. This scene creates a plethora of new questions and fan theories. Exciting stuff.

Lastly, the episode concludes with Moff Gideon surveying a group of evil-looking soldiers — potentially Dark Troopers, the incredibly formidable enemies from different forms of Star Wars media and content. Fans have not been introduced to Dark Troopers in live-action.

Overall, the stakes have been raised. Moff Gideon has an evil goal involving Baby Yoda. The Mandalorian still has to find Ahsoka. Bo-Katan and other Mandalorians are going after the Darksaber. The puzzle pieces are finally coming together. Here. We. Go…



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