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The Best Clone Trooper Designs

Although each and every one of them look the exact same, their armor designs highlight their unique characteristics and personalities. Here are my favorite clone trooper designs.

Editor’s Note: This is not a ranking of my favorite clone trooper characters, that will be another list. Instead, I am highlighting my favorite designs of each clone’s armor and tattoos.


In my opinion, Jesse has the best design out of all Clone Troopers, especially his ARC Trooper design which is pictured above. Most notably, Jesse’s helmet had the symbol of the Galactic Republic, which also matched his face tattoo.

Furthermore, the strikingly blue helmet and blue features make Jesse stand out because the whiteness of the uniform is not as present. Overall, through Jesse’s unique appearance and personality, he is easily one of my favorite characters from The Clone Wars.

Commander Doom

Inspired by the Marvel Comics villain, Dr. Doom, Commander Doom’s design is incredibly unique, but equally stunning and cool. Doom was incredibly skilled as a weapons expert, and the rustic, battle-worn look of his armor highlights this fact.

The predominantly green armor is strikingly different from many other clones, similar to Jesse’s design. Blaster pistols are also a great way to gain Alex points, and Doom certainly has that. All in all, Doom is a badass.

Commander Fox

The leader of the Coruscant guard, Commander Fox had an amazing, sleek design. The crimson markings are very cool, and the unique designs on the helmet and shoulder pad symbolize Fox’s ranking in the guard.

Unlike many other clones who use markings and tattoos to distinguish their personality or CT number, Fox used the design to showcase his high-ranking position in the Grand Army.


My personal favorite clone, Fives, has a straight-up badass design. From the double-shoulder pads to the triangle on the chest plate, Fives’ design is sleek, badass, and just awesome.

As an ARC Trooper, Fives’ equipment is highlighted through his plethora of weaponry, which reminds me of Boba Fett slightly. His twin DC-17 pistols and DC-15 blaster make Fives a force to be reckoned with in a firefight.

Commander Wolffe

Yes, I spelled his name right. Anyways, Commander Wolffe’s armor is in direct correlation to his name, and it’s one of the coolest designs in Star Wars. The grey colors and wolf-oriented design make Wolffe very, very unique.

Furthermore, his different visor design and wolf markings such as the teeth on the helmet and the fur on the sides make him stand out in a very cool way. Lastly, he has a jetpack. Enough said.

Commander Bly

Characterized by the yellow design and markings, Commander Bly’s design was somewhat straightforward, but still very appealing. Although his design consists of straight, yellow markings, Bly still has a cool design because of its simplicity.

However, the armor and design still pop and look great. The slightly different colored shoulder shield enforces Bly’s careless nature and commitment to battle rather than appearance.



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