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The Greatness of Gravity Falls

With Star Wars content, Pixar films, and classic Disney movies, Gravity Falls is still one the best, most watchable things on Disney Plus. Here’s why.

Gravity Falls is one of the best TV shows of all time. There, I said it. It doesn’t matter how old you are. If you have never watched Gravity Falls you’re missing out on some of the wittiest, most enjoyable TV content ever.

I recently rewatched Gravity Falls this year during quarantine, and I laughed and enjoyed it more as an adult than I did as a child watching the show for the first time on the Disney Channel. The word I would use to describe Gravity Falls is enjoyable. Shows such as The Mandalorian, Daredevil, or Game of Thrones are all captivating, but these shows aren’t always enjoyable. Gravity Falls is always, always enjoyable.

Every episode is delightful, clever, and incredibly funny. There are moments from each and every episode that are memorable, which is rare for a TV show. Whether it be Soos eating his way out of a candy monster, the characters exchanging irrelevant, clever stories while falling down a bottomless pit, or Dipper accidentally cloning himself, Gravity Falls never disappoints.

The show is a story of two twins, Dipper and Mabel Pines, who stay with their great uncle Stan in his Mystery Shack which is located in the small town of Gravity Falls, Oregon. In the first episode, Dipper discovers a journal filled with information on the town’s mysteries and phenomena. With Dipper’s discovery, the adventure begins. Gravity Falls is a town overflowing with gnomes (Shembulock), ghosts, multi-bears, zombies, tiny golf-ball people, and of course, Gompers. The show is incredibly ingenious, with stories ranging from a discover of a secret society to a group of centaurs who praise themselves for their manliness.

First and foremost, Gravity Falls has some of the best characters ever. Dipper Pines is the adventurous, curious, main character who strives to discover the truth about the infamous journal. His sister Mabel Pines doesn’t care much for adventure and discovery. Instead, Mabel wants to wear amazing sweaters, play with her pet pig Waddles (he’s the best, by the way), and of course, use her grappling hook. The Pines Twins are the perfect characters, and their relationship is one of the best aspects of the show.

The rest of the characters are equally amazing. Stan is a sleazy, grumpy old man. However, he loves Dipper and Mabel more than anything. The emotional moments between Stan and his niece and nephew are some of the best in the show. For example, Stan loves his niece so much he is willing to fight a pterodactyl to keep her safe.

Other supporting characters such as Wendy, Blendin Blandin, Sheriff Blubs and Deputy Durland, Old Man McGucket, and Lazy Susan are all amazing characters. However, there is one very important character I am yet to mention — Soos, my two favorite character in the show.

Soos isn’t the brightest character in the show, but his cluelessness always makes me laugh. Every single quote from him is hilarious. At times, I have found myself dying of laughter from him. When he realized he was a side character and likely to die while on an adventure, when he said his wisdom was both a blessing and a curse, when he cut his shirt in the shape of a W, are all great, amazing Soos highlights. I recommend watching the video titled Best of Soos for Eight Straight Minutes by Payton Reed. Here’s the link.

However, the thing that makes Gravity Falls such an amazing show is the storytelling. Each and every episode is perfect through the interesting adventure, clever dialogue, and character choices. One of my favorite aspects of the show is how clever and self-aware it is. There are numerous little references and easter eggs scattered throughout every episode. Furthermore, Gravity Falls is constantly laugh-out-loud hilarious. And the show always has the larger goal in mind, oftentimes hinting at the overarching story of the mysterious journal and its author.

I can’t praise Gravity Falls enough. It truly is a show for everybody, and I would recommend it to anyone. At its core, it is simply a show about a strange, mysterious town with two twins slowly discovering the town’s secrets. It’s simple, but so perfect.



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