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The Green Knight Trailer — Review

The latest must-see film, David Lowry’s The Green Knight trailer highlights the fantastical and compelling strangeness of the medieval legend.

The legend of King Arthur is an incredibly popular fantastical, mythical story. Therefore, with that being said, there has been thousands of interpretations of the character through films and novels. Characters with such a well-known story — and so easily accessible in popular culture — will result in many stories and interpretations, overall. However, recent films about the character have been lackluster to say the least.

Lately, the film industry has pushed different versions of the character with little success. That’s why The Green Knight preview is so exhilarating, and positively different. While still paying tribute to the source material, The Green Knight appears to be the next must-see film of the year.

First and foremost, the striking appearance of the titular character, the Green Knight — a creature comprised of green bark material and rotting emerald planets and fauna — makes the audience become quickly immersed in the trailer with its astonishing, ominous visualization of the characters and world.

Furthermore, the trailer contains other bizarre, strange fantastical creatures and elements such as a talking fox, towering giants, and potential witchcraft.

The film is based on the tale Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, a 14th century alliterative poem. In the story, a horrifying Green Knight presents himself at the footsteps of King Arthur’s castle. He is there to challenge a singular knight, whom he will battle within a year and one day. In the film, Sir Gawain is the knight that takes on the challenge, he is King Arthur’s nephew and is portrayed by Dev Patel in the film, one of my favorite actors.

The concept of the story, and film, is incredibly surreal and fantastical. Since the publication of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, various authors, poets, and scholars have analyzed the poem and its themes. Rather than take the typical Hollywood approach, director David Lowry — who directed my favorite horror film A Ghost Story embraces the extraordinary source material and various components of the poem.

After viewing the trailer for The Green Knight, I was particularly puzzled by the titular character himself, the Green Knight. Due to the mystical appearance of the character, I knew this film was going to be unique because of the titular character’s design alone.

Based on the trailer, the villain’s complexion and appearance will present the character as a creature of nature. The Green Knight highlights a primitive, natural representation beyond anything humanity can comprehend or create through the confines of dark dungeons or shadowy chambers. On the other hand, emerald and green shades are commonly associated with expressions of love and passion. Throughout the Middle Ages, the perception of green was mixed. Some believed the color symbolized desire, others believed the color symbolized death and decay — what the body becomes after death.

The varying perceptions of the color represent the contradictory beliefs about the Green Knight character. With these perceptions, the Green Knight is a much more complex character than an oak-covered knight simply showing up at King Arthur’s doorstep demanding a fight.

Because of the complexity of the legend and poem, David Lowry is presented with endless opportunities for creativity and discovery. With substantial potential for the titular character, and other great aspects, The Green Knight seems poised to be an epic, must-see fantasy adventure film.

If you’d link to watch the trailer, click below.



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