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The Importance of Sci-Fi Futuristic Films

Sci-fi, dystopian films are interesting and compelling stories and films. However, they also are predictions what may come in the future.

Films such as Interstellar, Blade Runner: 2049, and Snowpiercer are some of my favorite sci-fi films of all time. If you’ve read the Nerd Report, you know I have a genuine love for these types of films. My latest blog post — Interstellar Is a Sci-Fi Masterpiece — for reference. However, although many dystopian, future-themed films are great, they also highlight the potential direction humanity is heading.

For example, in the film Snowpiercer, humanity is forced to live onboard a singular, speeding train that is the only thing protecting people from the freezing wasteland in a post-apocalyptic future. Although the central concept of the film centers around the issue of climate change and global warming, the film instead focuses on income equality and social classes.

Throughout the film, the forward sections of the train is where the privileged few live. In these forward sections, there is an aquarium, a sushi bar, a classroom where a teacher dedicates a majority of her time brainwashing students to worship Wilford, the builder of the train. Furthermore, many of the citizens that live in the forward sections dedicate their lives to being more ethical and righteous than their neighbors. However, they ignore the systemic problems and issues within the lower classes, choosing to dismiss them entirely. Whereas the citizens of the lower classes — the underprivileged — simply attempt to survive in a train full of disease, overpopulation, violence, and poor education.

Furthermore, in Blade Runner: 2049, themes of paranoia, technophobia, and an infused sense of being disconnected from reality that characterizes the current state of society are deeply explored.

Overall, the film attempts to make us, the audience, question our own humanity by complicating our assumptions about our own superiority as a race. It presented of the most important questions about humanity and existence — is the continuation of the human race even a good thing? In Blade Runner: 2049, society is completely disconnected and complicated. In Los Angeles — the location in which the film takes place — crime, poverty, segregation, and speculation are very present.

Sci-fi films advertise concepts such as atomic-powered flying cars, interstellar space travel, and futuristic cities. However, the sci-fi genre firmly presents the grim, pessimistic dystopia that humanity is potentially heading towards. Terrifying futuristic cities — littered with overpopulation, the extinction of humanity, and the threat of AI are the true, genuine themes and concepts that should be focused on.

Terrible visions of the future isn’t a recent development in the sci-fi, and their concepts often increasingly relate to reality. Furthermore, science fiction films and novels aren’t simply meant to be predictions — they’re generalizations of the current state of humanity, and where our current state may lead us in the future.




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