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JOIN Capital: Why we invested in WIZZCAD

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2 min readAug 5, 2019


We believe the future of construction tech lies in BIM-native technologies. Our lead investment in a €5 million round for French construction tech startup, WIZZCAD, will help it meet the global challenges of smart building.

Before we can welcome an era of entirely smart buildings, we must understand how to build smart. This notion, coupled with Europe’s construction boom, is increasing the demand for advanced tools to aid large-scale building projects.

French construction tech startup WIZZCAD has built the first BIM-native SaaS platform for construction projects. This means that all aspects of building can become a data-driven, collaborative and seamless experience among all stakeholders.

The most comprehensive and intuitive platform available for use in construction today, WIZZCAD digitizes, manages and interconnects traditional paper and pen processes for field operations at construction sites. This includes projects in refurbishment and ongoing maintenance of buildings––which means WIZZCAD’s use cases are exceptionally varied.

Here, JOIN Partner Sebastian von Ribbentrop shares the primary reasons why we chose to invest in WIZZCAD:


With experienced co-founders and management that complement each other, the WIZZCAD team is more than capable of scaling a pioneering product. Co-founders Marc Germain and Cyril Perrin have both founded companies and advised clients in the construction industry in the past, and their additional roles as VP of Sales and CEO/CTO, respectively, are supported by top talent in R&D, Tech, Operations, Finance, Sales and Marketing.


BIM software is now supported by government norms and is becoming increasingly popular worldwide, making it the ideal large-scale, cross-border solution. WIZZCAD helps companies smoothly transition to BIM and is ready to support in projects at all levels of complexity.


WIZZCAD has displayed strong initial traction and year-over-year growth. With new frame and maintenance contracts in negotiation, momentum continues to build, and there is exciting opportunity for global scaling and expansion. The company has already convinced many key players, including Vinci, Bouygues Construction, Eiffage, Engie and GTM Bâtiment.


WIZZCAD differentiates itself from the pack with standout technologies, including full BIM collaboration among stakeholders, complete building lifecycle capabilities, a future-proof platform, data encryption and more. Arguably the most impressive of these is full BIM, which allows WIZZCAD’s capability to exceed the BIM level 2 standard required by governments in countries including the UK.

WIZZCAD consists of three modules, all of which function together as an end-to-end platform: Electronic Document Management, Field Management and BIM & Refurbishment.

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