Darren Douglas
Jul 21, 2017 · 2 min read
Use this snapcode to follow our Shopify Snapchat Takeover

We are proud to announce that we will be taking over Shopify’s Snapchat account this coming 🚨 Tuesday, July 25th 🚨. As part of Shopify’s Meet the Merchant series, we’ll be taking you behind the scenes at NEU. Here’s a quick look at what you can expect on the 25th :

  • A tour of our Philadelphia HQ, New Jersey warehouse, and Austin office
  • A closer look at what we’re selling
  • A sneak peek into projects we are working on
  • And more!

You may be thinking to yourself, “I know what Snapchat is and why people use it, but what’s the purpose of a Snapchat Takeover?” This takeover not only helps to build our following, but it allows us to genuinely connect with our audience while providing Shopify with authentic content. And best of all, it’s FREE! Rather than paying for Google or Facebook ads, we can build brand awareness without spending a dollar.

Screenshot from our last Snapchat Takeover

If you’ve been following us, you know this isn’t our first rodeo. Back in May, we took over the Snapchat for Philly Tech Week to demonstrate our commitment to innovation 🚀.

We will not be the first Merchant to takeover the Shopify Snapchat, but the new Snapchat update uniquely positions us to have a successful campaign. Snapchat recently added a feature that allows users to embed links in videos. Now, viewers can shop our web-store without ever leaving the app!

So tune in this Tuesday, July 25th to see what makes us unique and to get inspired to start your own business!

The NEUStand

@NEUbrands Revolutionizing Merchandise → https://www.whatsNEU.com

Darren Douglas

Written by

@venture4america Fellow | Tech Lead @NEU

The NEUStand

@NEUbrands Revolutionizing Merchandise → https://www.whatsNEU.com

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