If You’re in the Music Industry, Merchandise Now

Merchandise in the music industry has been around since the Beatles, but there’s never been a better time for artists to capitalize. In the era of streaming downloadable music, merchandise provides an important revenue stream around a physical product.

For a while, it seemed like selling physical products as a musician was something of the past, but the resurgence of vinyl has showed us otherwise. Nothing shows more commitment to a musician or band than the look and feel of a vinyl record. It’s value is timeless.

Like vinyl, merch allows a band to be seen as a brand. An artist’s merch collection of everything from classic t-shirts to limited edition collectibles give fans another way to show commitment. Not only does merch bring in money, but it also raises brand awareness by attracting like-minded people and rewarding the most loyal fans.

When it comes to deciding on product, understanding your audience is key. Be creative while maintaining the integrity of your brand. What better way to build a brand than to design items your fans will wear (or use) on a daily basis? Even with T-shirts as the bread and butter of most merch tables, real margins are made with tailored products like Kanye’s Life of Pablo Denim Jackets or Ellie Goulding’s branded leggings.

Sam Schube, associate editor of The Ringer, writes(link), “Merch became cool when it morphed into the clothes that artists actually want to wear, and that typically remain out of reach for his or her fans.” Instead of wearing Drake’s face on your chest, today’s merch allows fans to shop from his closet.

This all sounds great, but do musicians have the time? Probably not. But that’s where we come in. At NEU, we handle product design, sourcing, fulfillment, and even set up online stores and pop-up shops for our upper tier partners. Check us out here and follow us Instagram to learn more!