Tired of T-Shirts? 6 Merch Items to Add to Your Collection

While it’s clear every business should merchandise, it sometimes takes a backseat to more pressing tasks. As a result, every merch table ends up looking the same with basic branded T-shirts. With the exception of quality, creativity can be the most impactful factor to a successful merchandising strategy . Here are 8 products to help you stand out from the competition and generate buzz around your brand.

1. Woolly

This unique pullover is sure to wow your target audience. Whether your on the beach or on the slopes, the soft fabric and stylish design makes the Woolly wearable year-round.

2. Sunglasses

Step up your shade game! Glass-U’s folding shades can be fully customized and come with branded packaging. These sunglasses are the perfect accessory for a sunny day.

3. Water bottles

Give an eco-friendly substitute to plastic water bottles. Branded water bottles last a lifetime and can be easily spotted on trails, backseats of vehicles, and everywhere in between.

4. Koozies

If you’re trying to think of a cool item that your consumers will be able to use, you can’t go wrong with koozies. Without breaking the bank to produce, help your fans keep their drinks “cool” at an outdoor event.

5. Phone wallets

You know almost everyone has a phone and loves to accessorize, but have you thought of branding a phone wallet? Not only will it stand out on your merch table, but this accessory is also sure to raise eyebrows each time someone takes out their phone.

6. Computer Stickers

With our computers following us everywhere we go, stickers can have the longest lifecycle of any promotional item. Consumers often look for way to show support for the brands they love and what better way than to slap a sticker on their laptop.

You don’t have to turn your merchandise collection into a random assortment of trinkets, but adding an item (or two) outside the traditional offering of t-shirts and stickers may be what your brand needs to stand out from the crowd.