Jim Comey Fired: Democrats Change Tune

Does anyone else remember the Democrats between the months of October-December of 2016? They were livid!

On October 28th, 2016, James Comey re-opened the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server. The timing was questionable — just 11 days before the presidential election. For the next week and a half, the left collectively moaned about then Director Comey’s decision, claiming that it would have an impact on the upcoming election. They questioned his integrity, his judgement, and his fitness for the position of FBI Director. They were, in short furious.

On October 29th, Democratic Strategist Steve McMahon said “It’s extraordinary for the FBI Director to do this 11 days before the election. It violates the justice department’s rules about engaging in investigations in a way that might impact our democracy. It is extraordinary, and very, very surprising.”

Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer held a press conference to tell us that his confidence in the FBI Director’s “ability to lead” had been compromised.

On November 2nd, California Democrat Nancy Pelosi appeared on CNN and claimed that maybe Comey “was not right for the job.”

When an MSNBC host asked Democratic Senator Harry Reid if Comey should resign, his response was “Of course, yes.”

Democratic Representative Steven Cohen wrote an op-ed piece for The Hill on November 3rd calling for Comey’s resignation.

Kurt Eichenwald wrote a piece for Vanity Fair on November 8th entitled, “FBI Director James Comey is Unfit for Public Service.”

The examples abound. It continued after November 8th. Many democrats blamed Hillary Clinton’s loss on Comey’s decision to re-open the email investigation so close to the election. Whether or not the announcement had an impact, the left was clearly outspoken about their collective desire for Comey to resign or be fired.

Fast forward to day 110 of the Trump presidency, which was earlier this week. Mr. Trump, well within his right as POTUS, ousts Comey from his post as FBI Director. One would figure that the democrats would be celebrating, considering their public position just five months ago. They got exactly what they wanted! Jim Comey’s head on a platter! Time to break out the bi-partisan dancing shoes and have a party, right? Wrong.

Once again, the democrats reacted indignantly. Once again, they were furious. It is simply impossible to win with these people. Their present displeasure stems from the disputed narrative that Comey’s FBI was investigating President Trump regarding his ties to Russia. The Russian collusion accusations have existed since before the November 8th election, and not a shred of evidence has yet been presented to prove the claim. It seems to be a giant nothing-burger, wrapped in hot air. The mainstream news, of course, is whipping its minions into hysteria, all the while regarding the absence of evidence as evidence.

All of a sudden, though, the democrats are calling the firing of Comey as “deeply troubling.” Those were the words of Democratic Senator Mark Warren.

Democratic Representative Don Beyer called it “an abuse of power.” Really? An abuse of power? Would it have been an abuse of power if Obama had fired Comey in November?

Representative Keith Ellison, also a Democrat, called it — no kidding — “a Constitutional crisis.” Exactly which part of the President firing the FBI Director is unconstitutional?

Democratic Representative Lois Frankel was “deeply disturbed.” Good thing Obamacare is working like a charm. She can go see a therapist!

Per usual, it’s untenable hypocrisy from the leftist clown show. Whatever your beliefs about the Clinton email scandal, or the Trump-Russia investigation, at least we can all agree that on one thing: neither intelligence, nor logical consistency are job requirements for Democratic lawmakers.

Will the madness ever end?