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Poké-Revisit I: Pokémon Yellow

Revisiting the original formula sprinkled with anime-inspired extras

I. Introduction

II. Narrative

III. Explorability

IV. Features, activities, and side quests

a. Safari Zone!

b. Partner Pikachu.

c. Gift Starter Pokemon.

d. Pokedex Completion Rewards

V. Pokémon Availability and Quality

VI. Difficulty

VII. Postgame

a. Trio of legendary birds

b. Cerulean Cave and Mewtwo

VIII. Player experience summary (how it treats the players)

IX: Area of improvements

a. For the love of everything that is good, fix the Bag user experience

b. Stronger plot

c. Stronger connections of legendary Pokémon to the narrative

X: Summary

Verdict: 6.5/10.

The polish simply isn’t there, the rough edges show and can sometimes hurt. But it might not hurt to give it a go.



Some Casual Sidetracks Into Games and Anime

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