Upskilling on Azure AD B2C-Error messages

tutorial by Twin rizki from the Noun Project

I have organised the series as a list inside Medium so you can see the rest of the series.

Sometimes you need to display an error message to the user.

I did a post on this.

The post describes two ways to display an error message.

You can also display an OAuth2 custom error. This returns an error to your OAuth2 or OpenId Connect relying party application.

Exercise 8

The exercise is to display the first page where we ask for an email address and then immediately display an error. This means that the rest of the user journey won’t get executed.

Use the “Paragraph” user input type as described in the above post.

This isn’t really a real life example but we will use the error message technique in the next lesson.

So you enter an email, click “Continue” and then get this error:

If you are stuck, look here.

All good!



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