Upskilling on Azure B2C custom policies — Claims transformations

tutorial by Twin rizki from the Noun Project

I have organised the series as a list inside Medium so you can see the rest of the series.

Claims transformations are essentially a set of utilities that you can run on claims e.g. copy one claim to another. There are various categories e.g. string transformations, boolean transformations etc.

We saw in the last exercise that we used “signInName” to pass the email address across.

Exercise 6

The customer wants to call the claim in the first page “emailAddress”. So we need to copy the claim value from “emailAddress” to “signInName”. This still allows the name to be pre-provisioned.

We could use the CopyClaim claims transformation.

Claims transformations can be input claims transformations or output claims transformations.

The order of execution is important:

If you are stuck, look here.

All good!



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