Believe in Britain: I do.

Let’s recognise the negativity, end the blame game and believe in Britain.

Whether it’s the Windrush scandal or the ongoing debacle that is the Brexit negotiations: it takes only a single glance at the headlines to see why we should feel bad about Britain recently. There’s plenty of news stories and people telling us how awful it is to live in Britain in 2018. We’ve become less tolerant and less accepting of different ideas that differ from our own and we’re less open to debate than ever before.

It can’t be that bad; can it? Maybe it is. The swirl of negativity we see in the news and on social media is dragging us all towards a draining of national pride and a state of despair that leads only in one direction. People no longer believe that politicians may disagree but are in it to improve the lives of their constituents. People no longer believe that they are receiving the truth from our impartial national broadcasters.

We no longer have a foundation of facts that we agree on to debate from. Yet despite this death of debate and return to levels of name calling and fake misunderstandings that put primary school level children to shame there are lights. Lights that flicker through the darkness.

We are far more united and have far more in common with each other than things that divide us: Jo Cox MP

The New Democrat continues to believe this. We believe that when we come together as a country, we can still achieve great things and live up to the Great and the United in the full “United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland”

End the blame game.

We think that in the past some politicians have had lazy and short term strategies to win elections and votes.

The New Democrat believes wholeheartedly that immigration is not to blame for any of the woes that this country faces. We stand against the rhetoric used by MPs from all sides over many storied years of blaming others for problems of our own causing. Sure, it’s easier to blame the European Union and their red tape and Brussels bureaucrats. It’s easier to blame benefit claimants, the working class and immigrants whose voices shout as loud as possible but never get through. It’s easier than living up to problems we’ve made.

We should have invested in our people.

We should have invested in the schools that have become decrepit, we should have invested in the teachers that create paths for us to follow and guide us when we go astray. We should have invested in our children.

We should have invested in the junior doctors that toil long hours only for an ungrateful government to smear them in the media and create internal markets and waste money on vanity projects. We should have invested in our health.

We should made each and every citizen feel that they are valued parts of this patchwork quilt of identity and race that makes us British. We should have ensured that wherever people grew up, whatever their income was, they got exactly the same opportunities in life as any other Briton.

When somebody asks me if immigrants are to blame for anything: I say no. I say we’ve been too negative. I say that we’ve said it’s their fault because we didn’t believe in ourselves.


We didn’t believe that we could make the changes. We can reverse this trend. We can start telling politicians to invest in people: to value each and every person as a person, not as a statistic. We can build enough schools and train enough doctors and nurses so that the ones we have feel valued and not overstretched.

This is exactly what the New Democrat stands for. We want a fairer way forward for politics in the United Kingdom.

We’ll be exploring some of the ideas, institutions and policies that lead to some of the best things about this country. The great and the good as well as the small and seemingly insignificant. We’ll be outlining why we still believe passionately in Britain, and why you should too.

This article is part of a New Democrat series entitled “Believe in Britain”
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