Prospects that don’t convert cost you a fortune! Save money now with this psychology hack

“Damn it!”

“I lose 5 grand two days ago on the bet. It’s crazy!” My friend said.

“Holy shit!” I said, “But, how much you win?”

“Hmmm… today about 6 grand or so.” My friend answered.

“You earn 6 grand and now you complain,” I said.

Our brain hardwired to focus on pain, fears, doubts and suffers rather than gains.

That’s why focusing on pain points is the best way to sell.

Then tell a story about how you gonna help them to get rid of suffering.

For example in the headline:

Don’t write: “The best way to cleaning your house!”

Write: “A messy house can make you anxious, unproductive and stressed.” or “Germs in the house can weaken your immune system.”

And in the CTA:

Don’t write: “Sign up”

Write: “Clean My House”

Talk to customers to find out real pain points. Use their words in your copy.

It’s storytelling.

Step 1: Show them the status quo

Step 2: Tell them about the happy ending — your solution.

Grab attention and sell with a pain point and keep ’em coming.




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