Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak


you’re waiting for the bus.

A red bus is coming.

You thought, “Oh shit, it’s full.”


You get on the bus. The bus is crowded.

Some people standing and some folks are sitting.

You thought, “I’m damn tired.”

And it’s nearly 6 PM.

You just wanna sit somewhere, go home and watch Netflix.

As you stand in the middle of the bus,

New folks coming in.

“Come on!”


is something like finding a chair in a crowded bus.

If you don’t find a place, you fucked up.

Doing “average” and “normal” things don't save you.

You gotta take some big risks to stand out.

You don’t need to fight on price or ads.

These competitions are a race to the bottom.

And you know it.


doesn’t fight on price.

You see Apple as a premium and innovative product.

The brand is the product itself.

This is the fruit of a strong positioning.

You know them as folks who think differently.

And you wanna be part of that community.

This is what made them distinctive in a crowded bus.

Strong positioning,

creates communities.

Humans don’t just care about the product, they’re looking for a sense of belonging.

They wanna be part of this uniqueness.

Make bold moves. Have a strong positioning.

Grab attention & make ’em coming back.

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