Launching a new school

A few days ago we hosted a couple of events that marked the official launch of TNDS. On one hand we welcomed the great Christopher Murphy on a small appetiser of what our masterclasses will be starting January 2017. And later in the evening we hosted a private cocktail party for local partners, the press and representatives of Porto and Matosinhos city halls. And we must say we couldn’t be happier with the warm welcome and kind words.

The Micro-Publications Workshop

The TV stereotype.

Christopher Murphy always excels as a public speaker. In my opinion he could be hosting a boring political debate and still find a way to make it interesting. His workshop got the appraisal of everyone involved whose only disappointment was not to have had the chance to be there for double the hours. Being a lecturer at Belfast School of Arts, Chris delivered a brand new workshop that had been tested a few days earlier with his MA students.

Our attendants were from mixed backgrounds in Design, UX, development and even journalism. Still the feedback was that Chris managed to create a fantastic learning and creative environment where great ideas for new digital products very quickly saw the light of day.

Products ranging from new Apple Watch applications for Tennis professionals to new amazing online services. All of which got attendants and our host very excited with the possibilities and potential that emerged under the right circumstances.

As Chris puts it “the web no longer lives solely in browsers” and to prove that are projects like the now extinct Little Printer by Berg or new wearables that let you know when to drink water throughout your day.

North corner of the room.

Everyone loved our room inside the market and couldn’t believe the quality of the sound proof glass. This was a small demonstration of the type of learning TNDS wants to promote. One where creativity has no artificial boundaries besides those from the real world to which we want our students to be prepared for. By providing the class with the right mind frame and Design Thinking tools, the creatives of tomorrow will teach themselves how to continuously learn and adapt to the world.

The launch cocktail

Porto’s city hall was represented by Filipe Araújo, the Innovation city councilman.

This was a very private event but a very enjoyable moment for all of our supporters. Launching a new disruptive project is never an easy task and it wouldn’t have been possible without an amazing team behind every step of the way.

At the amazing ArchiWood space by Banema downtown in the art district of Porto.

Our connections with the industry are very important for us. We had the chance to present the school’s philosophy in detail and go through potential new partnerships. The win-win synergies between companies and future employees will be what generates true value in this new approach. We believe students can and should keep their freelancing and remote job positions if that’s their current situation or just embrace new possibilities with one of our partners. In the end it will all be about taking the best out of amazing masterclasses and an amazing 10 month experience in Porto and invest it a certainly bright career.

One last thing…

Have we mentioned that you can still work freelance or remotely while attending The New Digital School in January?

Are you ready to study with world renowned speakers and amazing web company mentors like Vitaly Friedman (Smashing Magazine) and Aarron Walter (InVision) in the sunny city of Porto, Portugal?

Tweet us @newdigitschool or email us at!

Do let us know in case you wish to know more about TNDS and we’ll gladly setup a Skype call with one of our representatives.