Ready. Set. Go!

Today we’ve proudly announced our new website. And with it the applications for TNDS are now officially open.

So in case you’re interested, don’t miss this opportunity to study with world renowned speakers and amazing web company mentors like Vitaly Friedman from Smashing Magazine or Aarron Walter from InVision.

About the website

We know you have been waiting to hear news about the school, wondering how it looks and how it works. This new website will not only clarify a lot of the questions we’ve been getting but also share a little of our work and live philosophy.

The student journey

One of our main concerns was giving website visitors as much information about the school, the city and logistics as possible. So we’ve put together a nice beginners guide for living in Porto.

We’re working on implementing new nice-to-haves so do let us know if you have a suggestion or feel something is lacking.

An amazing list of guests

As Chris Murphy puts it: our faculty is second to none. The top panel you see now is less then half of the great people we’re putting together. More on that soon.

Tailoring the learning experience

“What makes TNDS different from any other school?” it’s a question we get a lot. And the answer lies in breaking some of the barriers that exist in traditional education.

If you can’t treat all students as unique individuals, there’s no point in trying to improve education. It becomes almost impossible to take the best out of everyone’s talents if you design a curriculum for the average.

By the way, have seen Todd Rose’s TEDx talk on “The Myth of Average”? if you got this far in this post, you definitely should do it later on.

Are you ready to study with world renowned speakers and amazing web company mentors like Vitaly Friedman (Smashing Magazine) and Aarron Walter (InVision) in the sunny city of Porto, Portugal?

Tweet us @newdigitschool or email us at!

Do let us know in case you wish to know more about TNDS and we’ll gladly setup a Skype call with one of our representatives.