The New Digital School — The Manifesto

The New Digital School (TNDS) is a new approach to the educational system of most countries. Rather than teaching outdated and formatted knowledge, it allows the students to learn what they want, the way they want. Being student-centered makes it more open and flexible to make the best out of each student’s unique points.


It’s very difficult to find web design education done well. On one hand the web industry is too fast, broad and dynamic for universities and most schools to keep up. The pace of evolution and knowledge diversity are incompatible with the curriculum being taught.

Every professional will tell you that “school won’t teach you everything” and that “you must keep learning”. And yet schools are still formatting students instead of preparing them for this dynamic future.

As the industry grows more demanding with designers and developers, most graduates will tell you they don’t feel confident enough to face a job. And truth is companies themselves still end up having to train interns themselves.


1. The employers of the future are looking for experience and experiences, not grades or degrees. Real-life empowering experiences that provide meaningful knowledge to the everyday life. And you can’t learn that inside a lab.

So the solution starts with the end of this lab-like environment a school usually is. It raises it to a studio-like environment.

2. The teacher is no longer the single source of knowledge. With the web in our pockets we can learn about nuclear physics or Python development anywhere we want.

The solution is student-centered and not along the traditional school lines. It’s where and how you apply knowledge that’s meaningful to be taught.

3. There are too many topics and soft skills to learn inside a traditional class room. The current system has curriculum, assessment and a time frame that “wall out” evolution.

The solution is open and modular to allow a student to learn how to teach himself and how to keep learning in the future.

4. Creativity is where evolution is. By comparing students with each other we’re slowly killing their originality and unique traits.

The solution is moulded to the student, it’s interests and strengths. Assessment and validation aren’t important. The student passes when the new employer validates him and he gets a job or when he starts his own project or company.

5. Soft-skills, team work and business skills are often forgotten since they’re almost impossible to teach formally.

The solution is a place that reflects this multitude of skills as well as the industry’s way of being. It has a way to promote networking between students, mentors and companies. It acts as a hub for students to expand, grow and prosper alongside with the industry itself.

The New Digital School is an international Web Design school built with and for the community. Student-centered, with real projects and industry mentors.

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