The Student-Market fit

Success for us is a shared journey: our students’ success is our success. And their success always includes a place in the job market. Our main goal is, therefore, to prepare students for the real-world and to help companies find the best people.

Tiago Pedras
May 22, 2018 · 4 min read
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What is the Student-Market fit?

The Student-Market Fit happens when a student’s skills match the ever-fast-changing market needs in terms of technical competencies and personal attitudes.

Based on the startup world and the concept of the “product-market fit”, we also believe that without this fit the student cannot scale his/her product or, in this case, his/her career.

But unlike the original, which is unidirectional, we believe the student-market fit is only possible when both parties work together and adapt to accomplish it. The student needs to understand which skills their future employer is looking for. On the other side, the employer will benefit from the methodologies, that will bring higher efficiency and relevance in digital product or service design and development.

For this reason, we empower our students with tools and processes that enable them to understand the digital design field as a whole instead of just focusing on technical hard-skills like most of design schools do. With TNDS’ approach to digital design, students can combine their natural talents, technical skills, core attitudes and career goals.

Our role

The open model with no fixed curriculum of TNDS allows us to constantly challenge the status-quo from a neutral distance, understanding what’s happening inside companies and agencies. To prepare a student for that reality he/she should:

  1. Create or further establish a solid foundation of hard-skills, such as User Experience (UX) Design, User Interface (UI) Design, Information Architecture, FrontEnd Design (HTML/CSS/basic JavaScript), among others.

How does TNDS make this happen?

TNDS promotes learning through a highly flexible environment, with the help of in-house facilitators, a network of partners, while supporting it’s activities in 4 main pillars:

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Masterclasses and Workshops

Hard and soft skills training with experienced guest speakers.


Custom training and career advice tailored to each student’s specific needs/interests with guest mentors.

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Live Projects

Real industry experiences with live clients or through personal projects.

Job Acceleration

An acceleration and on-boarding stage prior to entering the job market with industry partners.

At the end of our program, the student will have:

  • Defined career goals — Clearly defined what kind of digital design professional they want to become, overall fitting profiles like UX Designer, UI Designer, FrontEnd Designer or Product Designer, but also adding their own skills to the mix and their unique value to each industry.

We believe Digital Design education needs to change and this is our commitment to it.

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Join us by becoming a Partner or Mentor and play a role in hacking design education. If would to become a part of this movement drop us an email! We’re always available for a chat and some tea :)

Tiago and Sara

The New Digital School

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