Where to Find Remote Jobs & Gigs (And How to Stand Out)

Rhiannon Payne
Mar 26, 2020 · 5 min read

With stay-at-home orders increasing across the US and many people out of work or feeling insecure about their jobs, there is an urgent need to find work that can be done completely online. This is true for people who are used to working remotely and those who have never worked remotely or done any kind of digital work.

I’ve been working remotely since 2015 and I recently published my book The Remote Work Era, where I discuss opportunities for women to build flexible, remote careers. A big part of this is exploring what kinds of jobs can be done remotely and where people can find legitimate remote jobs and freelance work.

**Due to COVID-19, a lot of digital jobs that were previously done in-office will be performed remotely for the foreseeable future. If your priority is simply securing a paycheck during this time, apply to everything relevant that can be done from home for now, understanding your remote life might only be temporary until the world starts transitioning back to the office.

However, this list focuses on where you can find remote specific jobs — pandemic or no!

Where to Find Remote Jobs

  • WeWorkRemotely — “The #1 destination to find and list incredible remote jobs.”

Standing Out

  • Keep your resume to one page (if possible), making sure that it’s achievement-oriented. Use concise bullet points and keywords. If you need a free resume template, I like NovoResume.

Where to Find Remote Gigs

  • UpWork — “Upwork expertly connects professionals and agencies to businesses seeking specialized talent.”

Standing Out

If you’re looking for additional streams of income, freelance work can be a great solution! Before you start applying, I recommend putting together a portfolio of relevant work to share with potential clients. Platforms like UpWork allow you to upload work samples directly to your profile, but you can also create a basic portfolio site using Wordpress or PortfolioBox.

Freelance jobs can be highly competitive, and every bit of effort to stand out can make a difference. If you don’t have any work samples, now is the time to create them, whether it’s for fun projects or helping a friend’s business.

What Kind of Work Can Be Done Remotely?

A question that a lot of people are asking right now is what kind of work can be done remotely. While jobs like software development and digital marketing are obvious answers, I’ve compiled a list of fields that can function completely digitally:

  • Accounting

If you have questions about how any of the above jobs can be done remotely, please comment here or tweet me @rhiannon_io and I’ll try my best to personally connect you with someone who has been working remotely in that field!

Avoiding Remote Job Scams

With the increased demand for remote work, job seekers have also been noticing an increase in “work from home” job scams. My basic rules of thumb are: 1) If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is, and 2) Any “job” asking you to spend money upfront, for any reason, is a scam.

Skillcrush has a great guide to identifying remote job scams, which you can read here.

If you have any questions about finding remote work or putting your best foot forward when applying for jobs and gigs, feel free to reach out to me! I’m happy to chat and do what I can to help.

Rhiannon Payne, based in San Francisco, is the founder of Sea Foam Media & Tech, an agency working with tech startups to help them tell their stories, build their products, gain investment, and scale.

She is specifically interested in distributed team building and the changing workforce of the 2020s. Her book, The Remote Work Era, explores these changes with a focus on new opportunities for women to go remote and start their own businesses online.

The Remote Work Era

The guide for women to go remote & thrive in the new age of work.

The Remote Work Era

Taking advantage of opportunities to start remote work & businesses in the changing workforce of 2021 & beyond. The Remote Work Era book is now available to purchase! remoteworkera.com

Rhiannon Payne

Written by

Founder of Sea Foam Media & Technology 🌊 Author of The Remote Work Era 📖 (RemoteWorkEra.com)

The Remote Work Era

Taking advantage of opportunities to start remote work & businesses in the changing workforce of 2021 & beyond. The Remote Work Era book is now available to purchase! remoteworkera.com