About The New Haberdasher

A New Hat For the American Left

Ever get tired of the only loudmouthed partisans on TV being some ignorant backward rightist? Ever find yourself yelling at said TV, in utter frustration over some unchallenged misrepresentation being promoted by said right wing hack job? Ever feel like you know quite a bit more than almost every moron who is currently running for office on the far right? Ever want to knock the smug certitude right off those sanctimonious hypocritical rightist’s faces?

Chances are: you are not alone. It can be rather annoying to have to put up with these idiotic dogmatists on the right who speak about history and government as if they wrote the book on history and government, when in fact their information probably came from some book of utter inventions composed by one of their rightist friends. It is time that leftists stand up for what we really believe.

The New Haberdasher is a place where standing up and being counted not only as an intelligent person but as a leftist, can happen. The New Haberdasher is:

  1. Intelligent- in that we not only know what we are talking about but also assume our readers do too.
  2. Correct- if we meant to give points to the other side, or agree to work with them to get something done, why would we be leftist? We are partisan, and we are not ashamed to admit it.
  3. Leftist- in that we support larger government for the succor of social ailments, higher taxes on all levels but most especially on the wealthiest and the capitalists, and a progressive (read: left wing) social, economic and political agenda. Marxism and a class analysis is not essential to this leftism: we are leftists because it is moral and ethical to be so.
  4. Anti-Right- The right is only correct in as much as they agree with the left. Where they disagree, we have no use for them.
  5. Anti-reactionary- We avoid fundamentalisms of all sorts, and believe that each person has a conscience and may believe what he or she likes. This not only includes religious fundamentalism, either. It also includes strict and unexamined adherence to a certain political and economic doctrine.
  6. Liberated- We stand in explicit solidarity with the various causes of human liberation, in whatever form that may take.

Look: if the right wants to call the Left “elitist,” it’s because the Right is so far out of touch with reality, and so ignorant and uninformed, that intelligent and more importantly correct, people must seem elitist to them.

We should wear the badge with pride, and not be afraid of the opinions of the people who are wrong about just about everything about which they ever deign to comment.

If you feel this way, join us in our efforts to debunk Rightism, root and branch.

The New Haberdasher- A New Hat for the Radical Left