Metal Memos

—Martin Farran-Lee, adjunct professor in Graphic Design, Malmö University, Sweden.

Metal Memos is a series of six images. Each image is made up of three lines of words of five letters each. The words are stenciled onto a rusty plate using a chalk stick. The plate is then photographed. The letters are rubbed out and a new set of letters are applied. The words get progressively harder to read as the series progresses. The messages are simple but do leave room for interpretation. Of course they are dealing with living in a world that is getting progressively harder to understand: be it plays on advertising slogans or more exasperated messages of the state we are in.

Metal Memos, photogravures, duotone, 16.6 x 20 cm, 2016

About the author
Martin Farran-Lee is adjunct professor in Graphic Design at the School of Arts and Communication, Malmö University, Sweden.