Getting To Know Paris

This week, we want to talk to you about Paris.

But not this one:

Paris, the city.

This one:

Jimmy Paris, software developer

Meet Jimmy Paris. He is a talented software developer. Young, motivated and looking to solve the world’s biggest problems by keying code.

In this quick interview, Jimmy talks a bit about his background and what he wants to accomplish. Here we go…

Would you please tell us a bit about yourself?

JP: I’m from Switzerland and I have recently graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree, winning an innovation prize for my final work about blockchain and smart contracts.

I’ve been working in IT for about 13 years and I’m now an assistant at the Haute École de Gestion in Geneva, where I teach Solidity programming. I’m really keen on helping the community and creating blockchain’s killer app.

How did you get into the blockchain space?

JP: Back in 2013, I met someone who told me about it, since then we’ve become friends and I have studied blockchain and becoming an enthusiast. My final university research project was probably the stepping stone to enter the blockchain space professionally.

How about ICOs? Did you take part in any before?

JP: No, this is the first ICO I’ve worked on and, of course, I hope the experience will pave the way for more opportunities in the future. I will keep working in the blockchain space, with smart contracts, web technologies and more.

What attracted you to work with CVProof?

JP: The team is super dynamic and have a promising project. For me this is a great way to get involved in the crypto community. CVproof is a startup, young and innovative, just like me ;)

Tell us about your development process in this project?

JP: I’m involved in the development of the web services front-end and back-end. I’m also contributing to creating the smart contracts for the token and the decentralized applications.

When you’re telling your friends about CVProof, what do you say to help them understand the project?

JP: I tell them they should take a closer look at the project, to understand who we are, our goals and the potential we have. I really think there is potential, for investors and, of course, for our future users!

Giants like LinkedIn are taking all the profit from your data without giving back any incentive, they also don’t certify your documents. I think, CVproof will be a facilitator for the recruiting process by making it faster and more transparent. CVproof will be a good place for hiring new developers involved in Fintech.

What advice would you give other developers wanting to get started in the crypto space?

JP: My advice is to keep your goal in mind, never underestimate yourself and the power of the blockchain or the crypto space.

I also would like to say that nowadays, everything is accessible and possible, we just need to get involved and learn how it works. And on that note, I’m sure that anyone can learn fast how to use blockchain and how Solidity works.

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