May 4, 2018 · 3 min read

Hey, excuse me, life has been wild but we are back.

A LOT has happened in the wonderful world of football, teams have lost, others have won but here we are.

Once again, please remember, if you have a problem with it, tell your team to play and do better.

Without further ado, here we go:

  1. Real Madrid.

Three champions league finals in a row, is so ridiclious, even crazier to think they are favorites to do a threepeat.

Scary hours.

2. Liverpool

Salah. Mane. Firmino. Lethal.

Klopp has his merry band of players in the Champions League final, he has lost his last 5 finals in a row, something has to give.

3. Barcelona

Almost undefeated in the league, did a double but the season still feels empty, losing to Roma hurts.

4. Man City

This season has been a wash since winter. League champions or whatever.

5. Atlético Madrid

They are so annoying to play. Marsielle x Atlético Madrid should be a fun final.

6. Bayern Munich

Win the league. Lose in Champions League. Continue using Robben and Ribery, it is boring but efficient.

7. Juventus

Serie A ref’s, are you well?

8. PSG.

Compete in the Champions League.

9. Man Utd.

One step forward one step back. It has been a very meh season but there’s a chance for trophies.

10. Marsielle

The race for Champions League in Ligue 1 is insane, congrats to Marsielle for making to the Europa League finals.

The New Ultras

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