Leo Lopez
Leo Lopez
Jun 4, 2018 · 4 min read

Unless you live under a rock, you saw the Nigeria World Cup merch release send people into a frenzy this past week. There was a lot of anger on the internet as many missed out despite Nike’s claims that there were 3 million preorders on Nigeria’s kit. While it is clearly this World Cup cycle’s kit du jour (that most of y’all don’t have the sauce to pull off, but I digress), there are other national teams that have shirts for you to get fits off in.

Here’s a short list of some of my personal favorites that you’ll see in Russia

Germany Away Kit

This is probably my personal favorite from the Adidas end of things this year. Germany’s out to defend their title and will look damned good doing so. The shade of green combined with the all over pattern is bold but tasteful.

If you look bad in this, it’s a personal problem.

Japan Home Kit

Will Japan do anything of note in Russia this summer? Probably not. Will your WCW text you back before the knock out rounds start? Probably not, either. But you shake and you move, baby boy. Wear this Japan kit to a day party or two. You’ll be sure to catch someone’s eye.

Colombia Away Kit

Adidas is coming with it in a very consistent manner but that’s par for the course. Colombia’s blue shirt makes me happy and I’m one non-bill cycle paycheck away from owning it myself. It might be the only time you see something successful in a New York Knicks colorway this decade. The only downside of this shirt is that… well, you aren’t as handsome as James Rodriguez.

Croatia Home Kit

I’ve loved Croatia’s checkered look ever since it caught my eye at France ’98. 20 years later, nothing’s changed. It’s still as classic and patriotic as ever. Is it likely that you won’t be able to pull off this look? Is Luka Modric still avoiding jail? That’s a resounding yes. But you should give it a shot. My dawg with the 3 chains on has the right idea.

Spain Home Kit

Spain looks poised to make a deep run this year and I’m more than happy to see it happen if it means this kit gets more screen time. It deserves more screen time. Honestly, it deserves a trophy. That blue and yellow design done the side *kisses tips of fingers*

Colombia Home Kit

Colombia got blessed with not one but TWO great kits this year and both serve as a reminder that, yes, James Rodriguez is that much better looking than you.

And please remember that it’s “Hames” and not “Jaymez.” Don’t embarrass yourself this summer.

That just about wraps up my list. You’ll notice the lack of Nike shirts and that’s because they threw their weight behind a team who didn’t make it. That brings me to my honorable mention.

USMNT Light Kit

This is a great kit and it’s honestly a shame we won’t see it in Russia. You could ignore all of the other kits on this list and decide to cop this bad boy. It’ll send the message that you’re the loyal type too.

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