Leo Lopez
Leo Lopez
Jun 11, 2018 · 3 min read

The greatest tournament in the world is set to begin in a few days & like we always do at this time, we’ve rounded up the crew to get some predictions for what may happen in Russia this year. Will a lot of us be right? Who knows. Will a lot of us be wrong? Let’s just say that it’s a matter of how wrong some of us will be.

We’ll be taking a stab at the winners, disappointments, dark horses, breakthrough players, golden boots and more. Keep reading to see some of our… interesting choices.

World Cup Winner

Can Brazil make up for 2014’s tragedy?

Feelz: France

Scams: Spain

NayVar: Brazil

Chris: Brazil

Jarrod: Brazil

Javon: Germany

Harsh: Germany

Chuck: France

Arson: Brazil

Trill: Spain

Chopp: France

Stacks: Germany

Tries: France

Dark Horse

Are Luka Modric and Croatia poised for a deep run in Russia?

Feelz: Colombia

Scams: Croatia

NayVar: Don’t care

Chris: Croatia

Jarrod: Croatia

Javon: Belgium

Harsh: Uruguay

Chuck: Egypt

Arson: Poland

Trill: Mexico

Chopp: Belgium

Stacks: Uruguay

Tries: Belgium

Most Disappointing

The likelihood of Messi making this pose again is high, big fella.

Feelz: Argentina

Scams: Argentina

NayVar: France

Chris: France

Jarrod: Germany

Javon: Belgium

Harsh: Argentina

Chuck: Saudi Arabia

Arson: Hard to disappoint when I don’t expect anything from these shitty countries.

Trill: France

Chopp: Argentina

Stacks: France

Tries: Spain

Golden Boot:

Could Timo be the next great German striker?

Feelz: Cristiano Ronaldo

Scams: Neymar

NayVar: Neymar

Chris: Cristiano Ronaldo

Jarrod: Neymar

Javon: Timo Werner

Harsh: Timo Werner

Chuck: Neymar

Arson: Gabriel Jesus

Trill: Gabriel Jesus

Chopp: Antoine Griezmann

Stacks: Timo Werner

Tries: Neymar

Best Player

Feelz: Neymar

Scams: Neymar

NayVar: Neymar

Chris: Neymar

Jarrod: Neymar

Javon: Neymar

Harsh: Neymar

Chuck: Paul Pogba

Arson: Gabriel Jesus

Trill: Neymar

Chopp: Neymar

Stacks: Neymar

Tries: Neymar

Break-through Player

After leading PSV to a title, could Chucky have a great World Cup?

Feelz: Raheem Sterling

Scams: Wilfred Ndidi

NayVar: Rodrigo Bentancur

Chris: Gonçalo Guedes

Jarrod: Hwang Hee-Chan

Javon: Kasper Dolberg

Harsh: Andre Silva

Chuck: Hirving Lozano

Arson: Gabriel Jesus

Trill: Hirving Lozano

Chopp: Hirving Lozano

Stacks: Ousmane Dembele

Tries: Ousmane Dembele

And now, it’s time for some hot takes!

Bold Predictions

Feelz: Portugal goes further than Argentina

Scams: Argentina is going to make you broke.

NayVar: Spain are eliminated before Belgium.

Chris: Argentina loses in the Round of 16.

Jarrod: Belgium is dumped out in the group stage.

Harsh: Senegal makes it into the Quarterfinals.

Chuck: Spain out in the group stage.

Arson: Poland wins Group H

Trill: Portugal out in the group stage.

Chopp: Rodrigo will have the most goals for Spain.

Stacks: Belgium dumped out in the Round of 16.

Tries: Croatia & Nigeria make it out of the “Group of Death.”

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