Are You Ready for this Mustache Bash?

We are living in dangerous times friends. The polar ice caps are melting, China threatened war with the U.S., Donald Trump is running for President of the United States, and cancer continues to claim the lives of hundreds of thousands of men across the world.

But there’s something you can do about it — at least the last point.

Yes, that’s right, we’re talking about No Shave November aka Movember. During the glorious month formerly known as November, strapping young lads across the world will grow out some fierce face foliage to raise awareness and money (can’t forget about the dolla, dolla bills y’all) to combat prostate and testicular cancer, poor mental health, and physical inactivity. So whether it’s the handlebar, the bandito, the neighborino, or the Rollie Fingers, it’s time to grow out your flavor-saver for a good cause.

In partnership with our friends over at BmoreEvents, we’ll be highlighting a few organizations throughout the month who are doing No Shave November right and testing your No-Shave know-how!

“Only women shave beneath the neck” -Ron Swanson

The Facts:

The Orgs:

ZERO — The End of Prostate Cancer has a vision for a world with zero prostate cancer deaths. This is your chance to be apart of Generation ZERO: the first generation of men free from prostate cancer. ZERO just kicked off “Grow and Give,” a campaign designed to put your mustachios, goatees, soul patches, beards and sideburns to good use!

Why you should care: Prostate cancer takes the life of a father, son, brother, or husband every 19 minutes. As if you really needed another reason to grow out your bodacious beard, ZERO’s mission is to end prostate cancer so they donate 97 cents of every dollar you raise to fight the disease. Seriously, this crew is going to war with cancer everyday and all you need to do is grow a damn mustache. Do the right thing.

How to get involved: All you need to do is set up a webpage here and get your friends and family to support you on your journey to facial hair fame.

Do the right thing!

The Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults is a leading voice in the young adult cancer movement, providing specialized support for 18–39 year-old cancer patients and their loved ones. The Ulman Cancer Fund helps young adults navigate the unique needs of their diagnosis and treatment. “The Beard-Off Challenge,” a competition of facial hair fortitude, is on a mission to help the Ulman Cancer Fund. The challenge — much like its namesake beards — grew gloriously, and in just three years “fund-razed” over $40,000 for The Ulman Cancer Fund.

Why you should care: 70,000 young adults are diagnosed with cancer each year. We can all agree that cancer should take a long walk off a short pier, especially when cancer targets people in the prime of life.

How to get involved: This year, the Beard Off Challenge aims to raise at least $70,000 to honor and support the 70,000 young adults diagnosed with cancer every year. The Beard-Off takes place from November to February and with events like poker tournaments, brunches, giveaways, and more, there’s no shortage of ways to get involved.

Under Chuck Norris’ beard is another beard.

Ok, now it’s time to call in the big guns — we’re talking about the bearded badasses who named this month. No Shave November is devoted to growing cancer awareness and raising funds to support cancer prevention, research, and education.

Why you should care: Having a bad hair day? Well, suck it up because many cancer patients lose their hair every single day. Instead of spending money on haircuts, razors, and other expenses, try donating your monthly grooming fees to the cause. From 2009 to the end of the 2014 campaign, No Shave November contributed just over $2 million to cancer prevention and awareness programs like American Cancer Society, Prevent Cancer Foundation, Fight Colorectal Cancer, and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

How to get involved: No-Shave November is a month-long journey during which participants forgo shaving and grooming in order to evoke conversation and raise cancer awareness. Participate by growing a beard, cultivating a mustache, letting those legs go natural, and skipping that waxing appointment. Put down your razor and set up your own personal No-Shave November fundraising page. If you’re not ready to get hairy, sit back and support someone who is.

So check-out these awesome organizations and share your glorious ‘stache with #NoShaveNovember.

Originally published at on November 6, 2015.