5 Things I’ve Learned From Writing A New Idea Every Day

I’ve written 10 new idea posts so far in my 20 Ideas in 20 Days project and I thought I’d take a quick minute to reflect on how it’s going.

  1. This is harder than I thought. I thought I was a veritable font of ideas worth sharing. And when I brainstormed the 20 topics before I first posted, I figured those would be a starting point and I’d think of more as the project continued. But as I started writing some of those ideas ended up combined, I realized some weren’t really ideas but opinions and some just weren’t strong enough to share.
  2. Writing your ideas forces you think about them from all angles. When you’re trying to explain your idea to someone else or debate its merits for the world to see, the strengths and weaknesses of your idea become clearer. For that alone, I think it makes sense for anyone with an innovative idea to write it down. Because if you’re ever going to do it, you’re going to have to explain it to other people. Working through it in writing will generate a stronger concept.
  3. I’m pretty verbose. I’m aware that more succinct articles/posts get more reads. I’m finding it hard to compress concepts that I’m still working out for myself in what amounts to a written elevator pitch. I’ll be working on this days 11–20.
  4. I’m publishing faster. Tara Mohr wrote a book, Playing Big, that suggests that many women are perfectionists and it harms them because they delay launching [whatever it is] with revision after revision. I’ve been thinking about that and the 80/20 rule. I’m getting better at getting the words out and hitting publish so I can keep moving forward.
  5. Writing Puts Me in Flow. This is definitely an activity where I don’t feel time passing. Brainstorming, researching and writing are activities that make the time fly for me. An extroverted woman I know was feeling stuck in her life so she’s did 1 new thing a day for 50 days. That really doesn’t sound fun to me at all. Coming up with new ideas and writing every day? That was my approach to the exact same problem. I wonder if it would do us both more good to follow the other person’s path? Maybe I’ll try the one new thing project after this one.

In case you’re interested, here are the first 10 ideas:

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