2014 in Political Cartoons

Ebola! Taylor Swift! Yo — the app!

2014 was a year that happened to us. Here are my political cartoons about it.

Cases of Stand Your Ground shootings and police brutality pervaded the year. They almost all involved race or, according to your cool friend on Facebook, none of them had anything to do with race whatsoever.

CNN lost its goddamn MIND over a missing plane.

Everyone became an instant expert on numerous issues this year, telling us exactly how to solve them before forgetting about them entirely in a matter of days. The 200 girls kidnapped by Boko Haram were but one example.

Things weren’t all bad though. We lost vile hate-monger Fred Phelps and now he’s in heaven.

More bright spots: weed became legal in some places.

Whether it was arguing about Woody Allen, watching Rolling Stone’s UVA story fall apart, or trying to articulate our precise level of disgust with Bill Cosby, we all talked a hell of a lot more about sexual assault than we have in the past. Hopefully that means something?

ISIS exploded on to the scene to take over half of Iraq and Syria and established an Islamic Caliphate.

Sports men did bad things.

Turns out if you point out a plainly obvious fact like “women in video games often appear as sex objects,” crybabies on the internet will throw the mother of all tantrums and threaten to kill you.

And finally, if you are black, this is the year at least part of the white population woke up to the fact you are treated different by law enforcement officers, which can sometimes mean being shot when it is unneeded in that moment.


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