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Disrupting Your Inbox

Rich Stevens: The Surge Pricing Solution

Warning and Instructions. Dale Beran’s illustrated essay on race and teaching in Baltimore:

The overcrowded and underfunded schools in which I teach are not the fault of the residents in those neighborhoods, but rather racist policies which have continued to fence off blacks from whites along economic lines.

Black Teens Swimming. Call The Cops.

Reasonable Checks Placed on Cartoonist’s Power by Ruben Bolling


This is how it goes with the “Id of the internet.” I don’t say this in any way to dismiss Ben Garrison’s terrible experience, the slander he lives with. Rather I say it to point out that many more people are likely to be in for a taste of Garrison’s experience.

Quinn Norton on last week’s comic, The Internet’s Most Trolled Cartoonist

Other good shit:



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